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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertops

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertops

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, choosing engineered quartz countertops is one of your best choices besides granite and marble. For many years, it gained the trust of many homeowners and remodelers in the community, yet it’s fine that you have some doubts about it. 

To help you out, we compiled the top 10 frequently asked questions for installing the best quartz countertops for your home remodeling.

Q1: Is engineered quartz better than marble and granite?

We have different criteria for comparing these three stones such as hardness, beauty, price, installation, and cleaning requirements.

Let’s start with hardness and installation, so quartz is impressively harder than granite and marble, which means it’s great for your high-traffic kitchen island. Meanwhile, all of these stones require professional installation because it is dense and to avoid expensive redos. 

Looking into beauty, the most popular quartz countertops mimic the appearance of natural marble and granite, so if you want that minus the headache of staining, then go for quartz. 

Q2: Is quartz cheaper than granite and marble?

In general, quartz is cheaper than marble and granite slabs in most suppliers and fabricators, yet prices can vary depending on quality and add-on customizations.

A 25 square feet quartz countertop costs around $2,600 to $3,800 both for labor and materials. Meanwhile, it’s corresponding prices for granite and marble countertops is around $2,000 to $4,500 and $1,050 to $9,650, respectively. 

With that, the average cost of quartz countertops is between $55 to $155 per square foot installed. 

Q3: Do you always achieve a seamless countertop with quartz?

The seamless appearance of your white quartz countertops will depend on your kitchen size and base cabinet layout. The largest quartz slab has a dimension of 125” L x 65” W, so if your base cabinet is longer than that, then expect slight seams on your counter.

Nevertheless, our pros can find a way to minimize seam visibility and in choosing the right color and finish to hide it.

Q4: Is it hard to clean quartz countertops?

Besides its stylish sleek looks and impressive strength, quartz countertops are pretty simple to clean and maintain. In keeping the shiny and neat surface of your quartz counter, you will just use diluted dishwashing solution, water, and soft cloth for wiping its surfaces.

Consequently, it’s one of the best reasons why it’s an excellent choice to install quartz bathroom countertops for your home. Moreover, polishing quartz countertops is pretty easy since you just need a clean cloth for wiping. 

Q5: Is it prone to chipping?

Chipping won’t be a problem at the mid-section and the entire surface of your quartz countertops, except on the edges, especially if you are choosing a thinner quartz slab. However, with our pros, we can efficiently repair those chips and cracks on the same day.

Q6: How to prevent getting a cold feel with quartz countertops

The most energy-efficient way of warming your quartz counter is by installing a heating mat underneath the overhang. It’s easy and safe to do, and our pros can do it for you. 

Conversely, you can also ask professional assistance if you like a radiant heating system installed underneath your quartz bathroom floors. Nevertheless, you can turn to us today for these kinds of works and for the installation of various types of quartz countertops

Q7: What do you need to observe when working on your quartz kitchen countertops?

Engineered quartz has a low tolerance against heat, so you need to use hot pads and trivets when placing hot casserole and pots on your counter. Also, we still encourage you to use wooden boards when cutting meat and ingredients on your quartz kitchen countertop to  reduce the risk of scratches and dents.

Q8: Are there various colors and styles for quartz countertops?

Considering it’s a man-made stone, manufacturers can readily modify its colors and veining patterns for every slab and quartz brand. Some of the popular quartz colors used for renovation are white, beige, off-white, light/dark gray, black, red, and tan brown. 

Overall, the finer veining and color consistency of quartz slabs are the main reasons why homeowners are falling in love with this cultured stone. It helps them and their remodelers achieve a minimalist theme for their kitchen and bath renovations.

Q9: Do you need to seal your quartz countertops?

Cultured quartz slabs are usually made of 93% crushed quartz and minerals, while the 7% are polymer resin binders, which seals off its surfaces. With that, you don’t need to seal your quartz slabs before installing them on your kitchen counters. Also, this trait gives quartz its natural anti-stain and anti-microbial properties.

Q10: What are the benefits of engineered quartz countertops?

Similar to any countertop materials in the industry, quartz has its own benefits and setbacks which you need to embrace, so you won’t regret installing it. Alongside this, below are its benefits.

  • Impressive durability for your busy kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • It effectively lifts the elegance and value of your property 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No need for sealing its surface
  • Availability of supply and you have different styles to choose from

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