6 Top Trends For Kitchen Countertop Designs

When people think of kitchen countertops, they immediately think about simple kitchen surfaces which can be used for various purposes. In reality, however, there’s more to kitchen countertops than meets the eye. So long as you hire the right contractor, your kitchen can become similar to what you’d see on cooking shows at home.

Contractors will most likely suggest to you that you add an extra flair to your kitchen by making you incorporate new kitchen countertop design ideas that will completely reinvent the way you see your kitchen. There are various kitchen design ideas to consider but of course, there are some that stand out among the rest.

In the last couple of years, the trends regarding kitchen countertops have changed significantly. Back in the old days, contractors suggested simple kitchens that focused more on functionality than anything else. However, kitchen countertop installers also want to add in new design ideas that consider functionality and aesthetics as well.

Before you consider getting a kitchen countertop, you should first consider what we have to show you. We have some amazing kitchen countertop ideas that are going to blow your mind. Gone are the days when people get plain and boring kitchen countertops. You can do more to your kitchen than you think.

In fact, more and more people are actually opening their eyes to a world of wonders when it comes to their kitchen countertops. The key is to not just be creative, it’s to also be considerable about the design choices you make for your kitchen. That being said, here are a few amazing kitchen countertop design ideas that you may want to consider.

Backyard Kitchen Countertop

A trend for most homes today is getting a countertop not just for your main kitchen, but also one for your backyard. It may seem like a waste at first but trust us, a kitchen in your backyard partnered with a countertop like marble or granite is going to do wonders for your home, as well as your next backyard barbecue party.

Having a kitchen in your backyard will make it easier for you to hold parties for your friends and family. Most importantly, your family has a special place for those special nights out. A backyard kitchen is a luxury that most luxury homes have but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it for yourself too. In fact, it’s a great addition to your home in general.

When getting a backyard kitchen and countertop to match, make sure to get a grill as well. Backyard barbecues are going to be more fun if you get a grill for your backyard. As for the countertop, make sure to get sealed  countertops so that even if it rains, your countertop is still going to be safe and sound.

Aquarium Countertops

This is going to sound very weird but believe it or not, more kitchens are being outfitted with countertops that have an aquarium at the bottom. Obviously, it’s something done solely for aesthetic purposes. However, even if it’s just for aesthetic purposes, it’s still an amazing addition to your kitchen that you should have.

Here’s how it’s done. Basically, the table or the block where the countertop is going to be installed should have an aquarium beneath it. The countertop itself will be removable and won’t be locked into place so that you can easily replace the interior of the aquarium when needed. There should also be a means to feed the fishes as well.

Do keep in mind that this trend is not cheap. You’ll be paying for the fish, the interior design of the aquarium, and many other things. Of course, it’s also a high-maintenance addition to your home as well. Still, it’s an investment worth getting, especially if you love taking care of fishes and you want to add a unique touch to your house.

Wood Countertops

In the last couple of years, the most popular countertop materials include natural stone countertops and man-made countertops made out of synthetic materials. However, we’ve discovered that wooden countertops have been on the rise in the last couple of years as well. There are a few key benefits to getting wooden countertops.

For starters, they are actually very cheap. They are not as cheap as synthetic countertops but they are far cheaper than natural stone countertops. The price will depend on the type of wood that you use for the countertop. Softwoods are better used but they are far less sturdy as compared to hardwood logs.

When getting a wood countertop, make sure that it is sealed properly. Keep in mind that wood countertops are very absorbent. If you don’t have them sealed, you could end up getting moldy wooden countertops that are not only bad for the  aesthetic of your house, but are also bad for your health.

Soft Neutral Tones

In the last couple of years, people didn’t give too much worry about the colors of their countertop. All they wanted were countertops that were beautiful and those that had an amazing evening. However, since the common trend when it comes to interior design is now minimalism, people are opting for softer tones.

The most popular countertop colors currently are egg shell white and pure white. The countertops that come in these colors are usually marble and granite. Quartz can come in these colors too but they are far less softer and cooler to the eyes. As such, you’ll most likely have to choose between marble and granite or synthetic countertops.

Soft neutral tones are amazing for your home simply because they work well with various colors for your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets and floors and walls are dark colored, then soft neutral toned countertops are going to work well easily for your kitchen. The good news is that this isn’t really a rare color for a countertop.

Unique Edge Finishes

When people think about the edge of their countertop, they usually don’t put too much thought into it. For starters, there are no functional benefits to unique countertop edges. Second, these make the countertops more expensive so it’s not really worth it. However, if you really want to invest well in your kitchen, then finished edges are certainly the way to go.

More people are willing to spend more money for their kitchen countertops. As such, they opt for complex edges as well. Since complex edges are harder to do, they add extra expenses to the final price of the kitchen countertop. Again, these don’t add anything functional to your countertop. However, they  do up the value of your countertop and they make your kitchen countertop more unique as well.

Sustainable Materials

One of the main issues that people have when it comes to natural stone countertops is that they aren’t very eco-friendly.  Since they are sourced from quarries, this only means that they are a finite source. The same goes with wooden countertops for your kitchen. Those who are conscious about the environment have better options as well.

THe good news is that there are countertops which are made from sustainable materials. These materials include recycled glass and white cement. Aside from being eco-friendly, these are also great countertop materials because they are significantly cheap. More importantly, they are very durable too.

If you are worried about how these would look in your kitchen, keep calm. Despite their materials, these are made to look and feel like high-quality countertops. As they are synthetic, manufacturers do a lot of techniques and trips to ensure that they feel like high quality countertops for your kitchen too. It’s just one of the reasons why more and more people are enamored by it.

As you can see, getting creative with regards to your kitchen countertop design is very possible. Aside from having a creative mind, you should also find the right contractors for the job. Keep in mind that some of these design ideas are very complex so it’s important that you find people who can actually do what you want done.

Some kitchen countertop ideas we’ve said are very complex. If you want it done properly, invest with the right people or contractors for your kitchen and you’ll be surprised at how wonderful your kitchen will turn out to be. It’s a given that some of these design ideas can be pricey but in reality, they are a great investment worth spending money on.

Of course, these are just some of the trendy ideas we’ve seen this 2021 so far. There are countless other ideas that you might want to try out as well. Be creative! There ‘s no limit to what you can do with your countertop so make sure to explore all options available. It will be much better if you aren’t restricted by a budget as well.

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