Adding Practical Luxury To Modern Kitchen Designs With Granite Countertops

granite countertops

Are you looking for a practical countertop material that would last a lifetime? Perhaps, you are thinking about the best granite countertops in your vicinity, yet you’re still having second thoughts?

Well, you’re in the right place since we’ll be featuring the best traits of this natural stone, and why it’s great to have one in your kitchen. Without letting you wait any longer, let’s start and if you’re still looking for reliable local granite fabricators, then contact us at Granite Expo

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Excellent Stone Resembling Ageless and Classic Beauty

When everything else ages through time and their conditions wears out, granite countertops remain strong and attractive. Whether you are buying expensive or cheap granite countertops, it is an emblem of timeless beauty and elegance.

It doesn’t develop a natural patina like marble and soapstone, yet its fine veining and subtle hues remain unchanged and eye-catching after five or ten years. If you have chosen a glossy finish, then wiping it with a damp cloth will quickly bring back its luxurious appeal.

Therefore, this natural stone serves like the Rolls Royce of all stone countertops. If you need assistance in selecting and installing your granite kitchen countertops, then contact us today.

Astounding Strength for Busy Kitchen

If cooking is your hobby or business, then you definitely have a high-traffic kitchen. With your old kitchen countertop all worn out, you are moved to choosing a durable countertop material that is efficiently met by our custom granite countertops

Granite has a close to diamond strength based on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Consequently, you have nothing worry to about your knives and acidic food ingredients getting into contact with your granite kitchen island and peninsula.

Nevertheless, we still recommend that you use your wooden boards for chopping your spices and meat over your kitchen countertops. 

Heat Resistance for Your Cooktops, Ovens, and Fireplace

Granite is naturally made from hot magma which cools off as it comes out from the Earth’s surface. Considering that, you can truly rely on its heat resistance, whether coming from your cooktops and ovens. 

Besides your kitchen island, you can also use granite for your backsplash, fireplace, and tub surround. It will exceptionally spruce the appeal and functionality of those areas without breaking the bank.

You Have Different Choices for Colors and Styles

Whether you are choosing a streamlined modern or farmhouse kitchen style, we have different types of granite countertops to match your renovation theme. Compared to engineered stones, the availability of colors will be fewer since those cultured countertops can be readily modified during production. 

However, granite’s color options are amazing! You have white, black, brown, gray, blue, red, and all have undertones of black, gray, gold, and white. Moreover, the subtle veining texture of granite promotes its lucrative appearance.

In line with this, you can visit our granite countertop stores to see our wonderful granite color combinations. We shall tour you around with our exquisite stone slabs and how each one can fit well into your kitchen remodeling.

Adding Economic Value To Your Property

Are you upgrading your kitchen countertops for listing or loving? Well, if you plan to sell your house in the next six or twelve months, then upgrading your kitchen island and peninsula is a strategic decision.

Most buyers look into the functional improvements you have done to your property, which they can savor when they take over your place. Luckily, your kitchen is the new heart of every home today. Also, a brand new granite kitchen countertop would boost the aesthetics and functionality of your farmhouse or modern pantry.

In terms of return on investment, you can expect around 40% to 70% from your overall expense on installing granite kitchen countertops. So far, the average granite countertops cost lies between $2,000 to $4,500. With that, you can expect an increase in resale value ranging from $1,400 to $3,150 for this budget. 

Hassle-Free to Clean and Care

After preparing your cakes and main dishes, your next dilemma will be cleaning your kitchen counter and dishes. Luckily, you won’t suffer excessive sweating when cleaning your granite countertops since you’ll only need a damp cloth and dishwashing soap solution.

Meanwhile, to improve the water and stain resistance of your granite kitchen island, we are going to treat it first. Once we are done impregnating the sealants, we can install them.

Likewise, we’ll do the same thing for your granite bathroom countertops, especially since your master en suite is prone to moisture, water, and splashes. In doing so, you’ll have nothing to worry about regarding stains, molds, and mildews.

Different Types of Granite Countertops

Are you excited to see some of our best-selling granite slabs for your kitchen and bathroom countertops? Below are some of it, and if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to call us today.

1) Alpinus Granite Countertops

If you like dark wood base cabinets for your kitchen island and a white ceiling, then this granite slab is your best option. It somehow links your white ceiling and dark lower cabinets because of its off white background with subtle veining and specks of brown hues.

2) Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Meanwhile, a black granite countertop would also suit well with your hardwood base cabinets. Choose a glossy finish so that it matches with your white shaker-style wall-hung cabinets.

Overall, there’s exceptional drama and nostalgia in this combination. Nevertheless, you can also pair this black granite slab with a lighter cabinet tone for a good contrast.

3) Blue Flower Granite Countertops

If bold and attractive color and the pattern is your vibe, then this Blue Flower granite countertop is for you. It has random alternating dark and light blue palettes and veining patterns, which creates an eye-catching mosaic in your kitchen.

4) River White Granite Countertops

If streamlined and subtle beauty is your preferred style, then our River White granite countertops suit you. It has an off white background with soft river-like veining patterns flowing smoothly on each slab.

It can pair well with your slab-style cabinet doors or you can go for a waterfall countertop style to have a continuous flowing design.

5) Bianco Alaska Granite Countertops

It has a white background with speckles of brown and gold hues, creating an exciting mosaic on your kitchen island and backsplash. You can also install a hanging pendant light with parallel style with this granite countertop.

Also, for an eye-catching impact, Bianco Alaska granite countertops marry well with dark wood cabinets. 

Looking For A Licensed Granite Fabricator Near You?

To ensure the accuracy and success of your granite kitchen installation, get professional assistance from your local granite fabricators like Granite Expo. We have extensive experience and modern tools for a job well-done.

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