7 Advantages Of Getting Granite Countertops

There are many countertop options to choose from. There are natural stone countertops and man-made countertops. There are also engineered stone countertops too. Of all the countertop options out there available, one option that continues to get a decent amount of following is granite. Though not as popular as it used to, granite countertops are still a viable option for your kitchen.

Let’s first talk about what granite is. Granite is a natural stone countertop just like marble. It’s sourced from select quarries around the world too. Though made of natural stone, granite countertops aren’t as expensive as marble countertops. This is because they are more abundant than marble and they are easier to manufacture as well.

In the last couple of years, granite has seen a decline in popularity. It’s being overtaken by quartz and marble who have both been outstanding performers in the industry over the last couple of years. Decades ago though, granite is considered as one of the top countertop options in existence, thus making it a favorite among homeowners.

We don’t know why granite has seen a decline in popularity. What we do know though is that since being lowered from the ranks, it has seen a tremendous price drop. Now, granite countertops can cost around $150-$200 per square foot. There are many reasons why this is a good kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop option.

If you are looking to get a new countertop for your home, granite kitchen countertops aren’t a bad idea. In fact, they may just be one of the best options money can buy. This time around, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why you’d want to get granite countertops. These reasons are the advantages of granite over other countertops.

It’s A Good Investment

Like many other natural stone countertops, granite kitchen countertops are a good investment for your home. This is because each cut of granite is unique from others. What this means is that over time, the value of your granite kitchen countertop will grow. If you are planning on selling your house in the future, granite can increase the price significantly.

Another reason why it’s such a good investment is that the price of granite is very low now. It continues to drop because of the fierce competition inside the natural countertop industry. Since that is indeed the case, what this means for you is that you can buy granite countertops for a low price and have them sell for a higher price in the future.

It’s Durable

One of the key benefits of any kitchen countertop made of natural stone is that they are durable. These are countertops cut directly from quarries, processed, and then installed on your home. They are the perfect addition to any kitchen due to their durability. It’s also a countertop option that can last you a lifetime as well.

Due to it’s amazing durability, granite has become one of the prime options for people who are looking to get a countertop that’s worth every money they spend on it. What does this durability mean? Does it mean that you can do almost any kitchen duty on a natural stone countertop like granite?

 As a general rule of thumb, you should always invest on a good chopping board or a butcher’s block if you are going to get a natural stone countertop. This is one of the ways you can best take care of it. You should never abuse the durability of countertops like granite because they are investments you’d want to care for.

It’s One of The Cheapest Stone Countertops

As a general rule of thumb, you’d want to avoid any kitchen countertop that’s made of natural stone if you are on a budget. However, some natural countertop options are actually quite affordable. The cost of granite countertops are not the cheapest in the industry but they are still pretty affordable as compared to marble.

You can spend around $150-$200 per square foot of a granite countertop. If you count installation with it, you’ll be spending around $5000 for a regular sized kitchen. It’s a good option for those who are on a budget. What’s great about granite countertops is that it really does feel like natural stone. Some would even consider it as the best alternative to marble.

If you want a cheaper countertop, you should go for man-made options like concrete and solid surfaces. However, granite really is the best budget-friendly option for any kitchen countertop. It may not be cheap in general but it’s still a good option for your kitchen. If you want anything less, then you should probably try to wait and invest in a better kitchen countertop instead.

It’s Very Functional

Though you can’t do EVERYTHING with a granite kitchen countertop, you can still do a lot of things with it though. For starters, a lot of home and professional chefs use the countertop as a means to knead dough and bake bread. One of the features of a granite countertop is that it can retain temperatures well which makes it the perfect choice for bakers.

Granite is also heat resistant. This means that the countertop will be okay even if you put a hot pot on the surface. Not many countertops have this quality but for natural stone, this is a basic feature to have. The kitchen can get hot sometimes so it’s alway better to have this kind of countertop for your kitchen.

It Comes In Amazing Colors

Granite is just as beautiful as marble countertops even if it does sport a darker shade than the later. Due to its flexible selection of colors, granite is the perfect addition to almost any type of home. Personally, granite is the best countertop to have if you have a modern kitchen that’s equipped with dark toned fixtures.

When picking a granite countertop, try to go for the lighter colors though as these make them look like marble. It’s one of the best options money can buy currently. Whether you have a dark or a light-themed kitchen, there’s a granite kitchen countertop option that your money can buy. For your bathroom, you’d want to get a lighter-toned granite countertop instead as this matches well with bathrooms.

It’s Easy To Maintain

A granite countertop is very easy to maintain. Like other natural stone countertops, all you need to do for maintain a kitchen countertop like granite is to wipe it down regularly. Although the stone has been sealed already, you will still need to be careful to avoid permanent staining on your granite countertop.

When it comes to cleaning agents, granite can be picky though. Try to avoid hard cleaning agents and chemicals like bleach or other hard detergents. A good cleaning solution for a kitchen countertop is a soapdish solution where you mix 1 part dish soap with 1 part water. Wipe this on the surface of your granite countertop and it will be good to go.

It’s highly recommended to ready a piece of cloth near your countertop at all times. This prepares you for those accidental spills that can greatly ruin your kitchen countertop. The key to ensuring that your kitchen countertop stays neat and tidy is fast action. As such, never leave a stain running there for more than a few hours.

It’s Natural Looking

Granite is a natural stone. That being said, it gives your kitchen a natural look unlike any other kitchen countertop. It’s a good feature if you are looking to create certain vibes for your home but of course, we highly suggest going for it. It can greatly increase the overall appeal of your home. Most importantly, granite is also a good option if you want an eco-friendly countertop too.

Though it’s sourced from a quarry, granite is an eco-friendly option because it’s such a durable material. Once you get one for your home, you’ll have a countertop that lasts a lifetime already. No other sources need to be acquired for your countertop other than the stone itself.

There are many more advantages to getting kitchen granite countertops and if you want to know more, you should ask owners about what they think of it. It’s a budget-friendly option that’s not lacking in quality even for a bit. If you want to see why people are so ecstatic about this kind of countertop, then visit your local granite countertop fabricator and see one for yourself.

A granite countertop might just be one of the best investments you can make for your house. Not only is it a durable countertop, it’s also one that’s very functional as well. Granite kitchen countertops may have become less popular over the last couple of years but that doesn’t make them a poor choice in any way.

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