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Are Granite Countertops Out Of Style?

Are Granite Countertops Out Of Style?

Getting a new countertop is a major home decision because you have to consider a lot of things throughout the process. For starters, you have to check if you have the appropriate budget for one first. Perhaps the toughest part about picking a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is the fact that there are many natural stone and man-made countertops to choose from.

There are benefits to each of the kitchen countertops materials that you can choose for your kitchen. Some are durable, some are cheap, and some are more cost-efficient than others. Homeowners spend hours – even days, picking the right countertop material for their kitchen. However, one material that you might want to really consider is granite.

What Is Granite?

Granite is a purely natural stone that is sourced directly from stone quarries. Unlike semi-natural stone countertops like quartz, granite is used as-is. Once sourced from the quarry,  it is cut into thin slabs, polished, and then made into countertops. Despite being pure stone, it’s not as expensive as marble.

There are three very popular and most commonly used countertops in the world – the most popular currently is granite. This is because despite its quality and naturality, granite remains to be a cheap countertop material. Following granite is marble which is one of the most expensive countertops money can buy. Lastly, we have quartz –  a semi-natural stone countertop which is slowly making its way to the top as well.

One of the reasons why granite is so popular is not just because of its price, but also because of its availability. It’s very easy to find sources for granite which is why people prefer it over other countertop options. Whether it’s for a modern home or for an old but regal one, there’s always a place for a decent countertop like granite.

However, granite has come to have more and more competition in the past years. It’s most fiercest competitor has to be quartz. Beyond quartz, you have over a dozen other countertops each having its own set of merits and disadvantages. As such, a lot of designers believe that the time of granite has long passed and that it is no longer in. 

When picking a countertop, obviously you’d want something that’s still a part of the trend. However, don’t count out granite too quickly. Despite the competition, it’s tough to say that the countertop is already out of style. In reality, it can still hold its own against the competition that has been more stiff in the past couple of years.

What’s Next For Granite?

Truth be told, the hype behind granite is not as strong as it used to. Again – this is most likely caused by the emergence of new countertop materials. However, design experts believe that for now, the hype behind granite isn’t dying off. It’s simply bracing itself for major change. You’ll know that granite is far from dying off simply by asking experts what the best countertop is. Nine times out of ten, they’ll suggest getting one of the many types of granite countertops.

If you look at the numbers behind home with countertops, you’ll discover that there’s a decline in the number of people actually choosing this. Most homes now have quartz countertops, while some have marble. Despite this some residential real estate agents believe that there’s going to be an emergence in granite countertops soon.

However, the numbers are referring to homes which have been built over the last decades. As per experts, more upcoming properties are choosing granite as the starting countertop for many reasons. One of which is the fact that granite, like those of the black variants, looks perfect on today’s modern home. Whether you are looking for something to fit your modern house or something to fit an ancestral one,  granite surprisingly fits.

Another reason why people are getting more granite kitchen countertops is that like most  natural stone countertops, each slab is unique. This means that the granite countertop in your home will have no matching countertop anywhere else. This might seem like a small reason to buy a countertop but trust us, it’s more than just about being unique.

The best part about natural stone countertops is that since each slab is unique, they can increase the value of your home significantly. This means that if you are looking to sell the house eventually, you can see a countertop as an investment you can make on your end to make sure that you get the most out of the sale value.

This is the same as when you buy a marble countertop but the difference is that you won’t be spending too much on the countertop. That being said, there are more benefits to getting granite kitchen countertops as compared to other natural stone countertops so make sure to consider first before others.

Of course, times are changing so the technology behind the manufacturing of granite countertops are changing too. More and more better options are releasing which means you’re getting even better countertops for your buck. It’s actually hard to imagine seeing granite countertops going completely out of style anytime soon.

Why You Should Still Get It Despite The Decline In Popularity

First off, one of the reasons why you should still get it is that granite is very easy to source and find. Local granite fabricators near you can easily give you access to a granite slab for your countertop. Now, when looking for other countertops, you often have to wait for months before you get your order.

Another benefit to having your countertop sourced locally is that you’ll always be in reach of professionals who can fix any of your countertop’s issues for you quickly. This is a big benefit as granite is actually porous which means you have to seal it regularly so that it becomes water resistant.

As a countertop, granite is one of the best you can have for your home. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional chef, there are a lot of things you can do with a granite countertop when it comes to kitchen prep. It’s durable, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and even water resistant so long as you have it sealed.

In fact, the only thing you wouldn’t want to do with a granite countertop is to chop bones and meat using a butcher’s knife on it. However, there aren’t actually any stone countertops that can handle such a task so it’s best to keep your cutting sessions as light as possible. It’s not just one of the best designed countertops, it’s also a highly functional one.

Does It Matter That It’s No Longer Popular?

The solid truth is that it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter whether or not granite is still popular as a countertop. It wouldn’t hurt to have outdated countertops on your kitchen so long as they are installed properly and that they are still very functional and durable. The truth is that it’s even more useful on your end if granite is no longer popular.

In the past couple of years, quartz has slowly made its way to the top of the countertop industry. As it is slowly making its way to the top, it is driving the price of granite to drop. THe only way for granite countertop fabricators to make sales is if they reduce the price of the countertop. As such, granite is becoming less and less expensive to get.

You should take advantage of the lower price as soon as you can. Once granite becomes more popular it’s price is definitely going to increase again.  Industry experts believe that the price will eventually rise because granite is becoming more and more popular too. Act fast lest you want to spend more on granite. 

Granite countertops aren’t going to completely disappear. In fact, they’re just making their way for other countertops to rise. Eventually, these countertops are going to rise once again and once it does, you’ll be getting more for the amount you spend on getting it. Look for fabricators as soon as possible to get work started on your house.

Final Thoughts

There are many countertop options nowadays. Homeowners have the luxury to pick from countless countertops as compared to what homeowners from decades ago had to choose from. It may seem like granite is out of style but in reality, it still stands strong as one of the premiere options when it comes to countertops.

If you are looking for something that’s fit for pure functionality and aesthetic value, then granite is the perfect choice for you. It’s a great investment whether you are hoping to resell in the future or not. Don’t mind the latest trends in countertop design. Pick what makes you comfortable the most and you’ll surely be satisfied with your choice.

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