Are The Latest Costs Of Quartz Countertops Worth It?

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Are you thinking of installing the most luxurious quartz countertops? You won’t regret having them since they have unbeatable strength and beauty. But are you still on the fence since you’re thinking about quartz countertop costs?

In this article, we’re going to talk about it, and how it’s worthwhile to get engineered quartz countertops. We’re also going to share what are the best quartz to have for your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

What is an Engineered Quartz?

This stone is man-made, so you can see lots of variations in its designs and colors. They are made from crushed minerals that are mixed and bonded with a resin polymer. This makes quartz strong and resistant to stains and moisture.

In our showroom, we have a selection of quartz coming from trusted brands like Caesarstone, Corian, Q-Quartz, and Silestone. All slabs are of premium quality, perfect for making your home more functional and elegant.

How much does a quartz countertop cost

The average quartz countertop cost per square foot is $50 to $200. The price of engineered quartz differs based on quality, brand, and design. Also, the thicker the slab, the more expensive it is. Let’s know the different costs of quartz based on brand:

  • Silestone: $50 to $125 per sq. ft.
  • Cambria: $60 to $155 per sq. ft.
  • Caesarstone: $55 to $400 per sq. ft.
  • Corian: $60 to $100 per sq. ft.
  • HanStone: $40 to $130 per sq. ft.
  • Q-Quartz: $40 to $100 per sq. ft.

If you’re still looking for quality quartz stones for the right price, you can find them in our store. We have a great selection of engineered quartz and other stones for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Is the cost of a quartz countertop worthwhile?

There are pros and cons to every stone you want to use for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz is just one of the many options you can have in the market. But many homeowners are still on the fence about installing them. Here, we’ll discuss its benefits so that it’ll justify kitchen countertop quartz costs.

Impervious strength

Because of how it’s made, the strength of quartz is incredible. It can resist scratches and dents with ease. This is perfect for busy kitchens. In the Mohs scale of hardness, quartz ranks 7 out of 10 where 10 is the hardest rating for a stone.

Unparalleled beauty

Quartz is man-made, so its color and patterns can be customized to look like natural stone. Because of this, many clients are wanting to have quartz. They get to enjoy the looks of a natural stone without worrying so much about scratches.

In our store, you’d find a variety of quartz that looks like marble or granite. Their colors can range from white or any neutral tones to darker ones. The veining patterns can be thick or thin, depending on your preference.

Naturally water resistant

The resin polymer mixed with quartz makes it innately resistant to stains and moisture. This is one incredible feature that homeowners and designers want from this stone. Compared to marble and granite, you still need to seal them off every year to maintain their stain resistance.

By choosing engineered quartz countertops, you can easily maintain their cleanliness by wiping them off with microfiber and dishwashing soap solution. The hassle-free experience you get from cleaning them, lets you save time and money.

Increase home resale value

Whether you plan to sell your house or not in the future, investing in quartz countertops is great. It can lift the resale value of your property by 40 to 50 percent of your total cost of installing them.

If you properly use quartz for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you can even add more value to your property. If most of the home sellers in the market have quartz in their house, that’s a good sign to use quartz too.

Your countertop quartz cost is worthwhile for that matter. And if you’re keeping your house for good, then it’ll give more comfort and beauty to you.

Flexible to match with any material

Quartz can effortlessly blend well with organic and synthetic materials. Whether you plan to have wooden chairs and furniture, quartz can marry well with that. You just need to choose the right color and design. That’s where we can help you, and with the installation of your kitchen quartz countertops.

Are there also setbacks to having quartz?

There are also things not admirable about this stone. For instance, the price is slightly higher for this one. But you can still find affordable quartz by buying those quartz remnants, not the entire slab.

The average cost of quartz countertops differs depending on where you bought them. At Granite Expo, we can help you decide on quality slabs for an affordable price. We make our rates highly competitive, with the best service always delivered to our customers.

The second setback of quartz is its low heat resistance. When you place a hot pan on top, make sure you have a wooden board or padding so that it won’t directly touch your quartz countertop.

What are trending quartz countertop colors today?

Neutral tones are the most famous today for quartz. They make homes more modern and spacious. Light-colored countertops make your kitchen and bathroom cleaner and more refreshing. You can also use different accessories inside, and it won’t compete with your white or beige quartz.

In our showroom, we have a selection of quartz countertop colors available for you. Our designers can assist you in choosing the right color to match your kitchen and bath.

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