Benefits of Using White Granite Kitchen Countertops

white granite kitchen tops

Renovating your kitchen requires a substantial amount of cash, and if you are on a tight budget you can simply focus on upgrading your kitchen countertop, while keeping a minimal update on other accessories inside. If you need further advice from professionals, you can contact us today.

If you have decided to go for granite but not sure what color style to choose, then we recommend you to try white granite kitchen countertops. There is timeless elegance, style, and prestige for this natural stone. Nevertheless, you have to consider other factors like edge style, finish, dimension, thickness, and veining.

Before you finally install the best white granite stone, check out these amazing benefits you will enjoy from choosing this style of granite kitchen countertop.

1. Show-Stopping Beauty from White Granite Kitchen

White granite does not literally mean stark white due to the natural blending of other colors in its white background. White granite’s hue can range from ivory white, creamy white, and flecked white with soft veining.

Who wouldn’t stop and lay their eyes on the best white granite kitchen with soft veining patterns? This color style is highly versatile to blend with white, neutral tones, and boldly colored kitchen cabinets. When you want a stylish and neat appeal in your contemporary kitchen, you can never go wrong from installing super white granite countertops.

Moreover, it is a go-to color style for those with a small kitchen footprint, because white granite effortlessly increases brightness  which provides an excellent illusion of a wider space. 

2. Smart Solution for Increasing Visual Space Impression

Having a studio-size kitchen does not mean you cannot do anything to spruce up your renovation. Aside from painting your kitchen walls with pale or neutral colors, you can opt for installing polished pure white granite kitchen countertops.

After, you can install hanging pendant lights on your kitchen countertop, where its lights bounce off from your granite surface and illuminate the entire area. This in turn exudes an impression of having a wide kitchen area.

Moreover, you can create a streamlined appearance and modern minimalist theme when you pair your white granite counter with white cabinetry and backsplash.

3. Undeniably Strong Against High-Traffic Kitchens

The stark white beauty of marble is great but it would be compromised when you have a busy kitchen inside your home. In contrast, white granite kitchen is an exceptional choice because of the natural hardness of this mineral. Scratch, dents, and cuts will no longer be a threat for your strong granite countertop.

Still, do avoid destroying the sealant coating of granite, we still advise our customers to use wooden boards when cutting ingredients and meat in their kitchen. Likewise, with proper care and maintenance, the exquisite beauty and condition of your granite countertop can last a lifetime.

4. It Really Increases Property Value

It is a common answer among real estate agents, that installing granite countertops in your kitchen and bath, increases the chance of getting a sale and appraises the overall value of your property. This is plausible because granite still ranks first as the most lucrative and high-value material for remodeling.

Approximately, there is an increase of 80% to 100% of the total cost for installing white granite kitchen countertop in your renovation. With that, a lot of our customers are setting appointments to ask for a free quote and advice for installing the best white granite counter in their kitchen.

5. No Problem with Cleaning

Granite is made from igneous rocks which have undergone extreme pressure and temperature in its creation process. This makes granite highly resistant to heat and scratches. When there are spills or food particles left on your granite island, simply use mild soap solution and soft microfiber in cleaning its surface.

Despite the porous nature of granite, there is no problem with stains and mildews because we dip your granite slabs in a sealant solution before installation. Impregnating sealants are applied once a year, while monthly sealing maintenance can be done every month using topical sealants.

Takeaways with White Granite Kitchen

Indeed, the aesthetics and pristine looks of your pure white granite can stop time. Even if granite is naturally strong and heatproof, you still have to take care of it and clean its surface once in a while.

If you are looking for a reputable contractor to supply and install the best white granite countertops in your kitchen, then you can contact us today. Our stone experts are the best in their craft and can efficiently install your sophisticated granite counter in your kitchen and bathroom.

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