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Best Granite Countertop Edges This 2021

Best Granite Countertop Edges This 2021

If you’re new to the kitchen countertop scene, then you are probably unfamiliar with some of the intricacies that come with buying a countertop. You see, picking one is more than just about picking which type is right for your home. There are a lot of other options to consider including the edges of your granite countertop.

Senseless as it may seem, picking your countertop edges is just as important as picking the best granite kitchen countertops themselves. With so many options to choose from, it can get tough to pick the right granite edges for modern granite kitchen countertops. As such, we are here to guide you as you fit your home with a new countertop. Before we begin, let’s talk about why edges are important first.

Why Is It Important To Consider Countertop Edges?

To put it more simply, granite countertop edges basically add the finishing touch to any kitchen countertop. It adds that important final accent that can bring out the colors and fine qualities of your chosen countertop. Moreover, the edges also help your countertop easily blend in wherever you position it on.

In truth, the edges also serve as practical purpose. When you are doing kitchen prep, you could often be staying close to the edge of the countertop as it is more comfortable. Edges help make you feel more comfortable during prep work. Moreover, some countertop edges make it harder for your ingredients to drop down.

Now, let’s talk about what countertop edges are going to be a hit this 2021.

Best Choices For Simple Edges This 2021

A common trend in house design is staying simple with regards to how your furnitures and fixtures look. The same goes for kitchen countertop installation and the edges you choose. Some edges are going to be more popular than others because people prefer minimalist bezels over intricate once. As such, you should consider following the trends as well.

Straight Edge

That being said, some of the most popular edge options are the straight cut and the full bullnose. The straight cut is basically the base form of a kitchen countertop. It allows for a solid square edge for your countertop. This complements modern kitchens that have a color palette of black and white well. However, it can with any color palette so long as the kitchen is modern in design.

Full Bullnose

The bullnose is somewhat like the opposite of the straight edge. Instead of being a straight cut edge, the bullnose is curved. It’s the simplest of all curved edges. The bullnose fits a modern kitchen as well. However, many homeowners have this installed in their outdoor granite kitchen countertops because curved edges fit the open space more.

Half Bullnose

If you are having trouble picking between the two, then you can go for the half bullnose. The best way to describe this edge is that it is a mix between the straight cut and the full bullnose. The top half of the edge features a curve going down. The bottom part on the other hand is a straight cut edge. 

Best Choices For Premium Edges This 2021

Understandably, you may want to consider premium edges instead. Premium edges are not as popular as the simple once but you’ll be mistaken to think that people avoid choosing these. These edges feature a complex design which mostly gives off a regal feel to your kitchen countertop. It’s a must if you want to make your kitchen look more pricey.

Chiseled Edge

One of the best and most elegant looking premium edges is the chiseled look. As the name suggests, this makes your edge look like it has been chiseled by a masterful artisan. The key defining feature of a chiseled edge is that there is no symmetry with regards to the pattern. It’s much like how you would see a chiseled statue.

Waterfall Edge

A popular option for countertops that you place in the bathroom is the waterfall edge. This features a sloping edge characterized mostly by three curves that grow longer with each drop. As you can guess, it’s perfect for the bathroom because the shape itself highly resembles a body of water.

When picking one of the premium edges, it is a must that you consider the overall decor of the room. These edges give off a regal feel but at the end of the day, it will look forced if you place this in a simple room. Premium edges are an excellent choice for marble countertops. This is because marble itself is an elegant option already.

Keep in mind that premium options are called as such for a reason. These edges are more expensive than the simpler cuts but you get what you pay for with it. If you have the budget for it, we suggest going for premium as these really put a whole new meaning to the word elegance

Tips Mixing Straight And Premium For 2021

When we say mix and match, we don’t mean outfitting a single slab of countertop with various edges. You should instead put variety on the edges on all of the countertops you have at home. For your kitchen, go for the basic edges as these make it more comfortable for you to do prep work. These are also options if you have a modern kitchen.

For your bathroom, try to pick one of the premium edges. The design of the premium edges are perfect for light colored rooms such as the bathroom. Mover, the elegance of such edges are a great compliment to a bathroom’s feel which is just the same. It’s also a more practical option considering that premium edges are cheaper and bathroom countertops are also smaller.

Take as much time in picking your edges as you would when picking a countertop. This finishing touch on your countertop can really make a difference if you choose it properly. It is a must that you try and seek expert opinion as well as this is not an easy matter to look into. The freedom of choosing your own edge is still up to you but professional help is always warranted.

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