Best Reasons Why You Should Invest In Porcelain Countertops

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You’ve probably heard about granite and quartz as the most durable and strongest countertops. This fact is undeniably correct, however, if we think about durability or toughness, porcelain slab countertops make the cut. Their reputation has slowly grown in the market over the last few years. 

Let us learn more of the reasons why you should invest in porcelain countertops:

#1 Durable and Heat-Resistant

The final product of porcelain counterfeits is tested under extremely high temperatures, which could reach over 1000 o C. This is proof that they are perfect for hot environments like kitchens. Since these countertops can endure hot temperatures, they can handle hot pans and pots when placed directly on their surface. 

One of these ceramic tile characteristics is its surface strength. It is during the fabrication process that they achieved this characteristic. Porcelain is considered one of the strongest ceramic tiles, as it surpasses granite by about 30 %. 

Further, they are also extremely scratch and abrasion resistant, ideal for the highly-used area.  For this very reason, you can slice food on the countertop without worrying about any damage on the surface. Its durability remains unchanged after regular cleaning and extensive use, making it a good investment for your home. 

#2 Water and Stain-Resistant

Porcelain countertops are highly water-resistant. Its average water absorption rate is 0.1% which is less than 0.5 % making it pass the AST C373 material test. This property makes these ceramic tiles perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, office reception spaces, or outdoor bars. Your choices are limitless, as it is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas, and in any weather condition. 

Aside from being waterproof, porcelain tile kitchen countertops are also non porous, so they are a healthy alternative for food preparation. During porcelain countertops installation, sealing is not required because they are stain-resistant. This is something owners will greatly love and will definitely go for. 

#3 Endless Style and Color Options

There are many options to choose from regarding its colors and style. During the fabrication process, you can ask your manufacturers to add patterns and colors to your porcelain kitchen countertops or your porcelain bathroom countertops. You can mimic the surface of marble, wood grain, concrete or rusted steel, or any texture of your choice. 

#4 Available in Large Sizes

No matter how small or big your kitchen can be, you won’t have to worry since porcelain countertops are available in big sizes. You can order large porcelain tile kitchen countertops up to 10” x 5 “. Larger slabs mean a faster installation process.

We have a selection of porcelain slabs that might fit your preference. A variety of colors and patterns of porcelain you’ll see in our store. We can help you select, customize, and install them in your kitchen.

#5 Environmentally Friendly 

One of the essential reasons why you should choose porcelain slabs is that you can recycle them one day. Yes, you heard it right. Though they are engineered stones, it’s 100 % natural, since they are made of raw and clay-based materials.

If you want your home to support the environment, selecting a sustainable product like porcelain is a good choice. It’s also cheaper than granite and quartz, so better savings on your pocket as well.

#6 Lightweight

It was mentioned above that porcelain is a durable ceramic tile, this tells us that it could also be extremely thick or heavy. However, this is not the case. 

In the early manufacturing of porcelain, their slabs were usually 3/4“ thick, making them heavy. However, it evolved to thinner slabs, which are now 3/16”. Installing a thinner slab is an advantage because you don’t need to add plywood to fit it or cover the countertops. Also, they can be a good material for your backlashes, and panels for walls. 

If you want to change your existing countertops, it is unnecessary to remove the existing ones and replace them with the porcelain slab. You can directly install your porcelain slab countertops right on top of your existing countertops without damaging them. This is a good reason why porcelain countertops are an excellent alternative for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. 

#7 Low maintenance 

As mentioned above, the surface of porcelain countertops is waterproof and stain-resistant, making it easy to keep clean.  You won’t need special cleaning products to remove stains, you can just clean them using paper towels and warm water. For stubborn stains, you can just clean them using available home cleaners found at your local grocery stores.

#8 UV Light Resistant 

Also, these porcelain slab countertops rarely discolor even when exposed to direct sunlight, therefore, they can last long. You can mix and match your kitchen layouts without worrying about whether it’s facing the windows or not.

Still, when placing hot pans on top, we recommend that you use some padding or wooden board to protect the surface from burning. Direct contact with very hot items can still damage your countertop. There’s no exception to that.

#9 Lots of available colors and designs

Because it’s man-made, the design of a porcelain slab can be customized. It’s like engineered quartz, but a cheaper option. But you can never undermine the beauty and selection of porcelain slabs in our store. We have one that looks like quartz, marble, and granite. That’s an amazing opportunity for homeowners to save on a durable and beautiful slab.

Porcelain slab porcelain countertops are trending today because of their benefits. They are your perfect option for an affordable material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

#10 Versatile function 

Porcelain slabs are not just for countertops, you can also use them for your backsplash and flooring. A lot of our clients have used them for their walls, flooring, and countertops. There are no limitations as to how you want to use this stone.

Looking for the best porcelain countertops? 

Granite Expo is your one-stop-shop for quality porcelain slabs. We have a selection of them in our store, and we can help you pick and install the right one for your kitchen. Our designers are ready to help you find the right color and design of porcelain slab for your home.

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