Five Tips For The Best Granite Countertops

Five Tips For The Best Granite Countertops

The addiction for custom granite countertops is imminent for most homeowners in the market. Despite the emergence of other countertop materials, still, people are going for the natural beauty and impeccable strength of the different types of granite countertops.

Before going to your local granite fabricators, here are our top five tips before buying expensive or cheap granite countertops in the market.

1. Know the Basics of Granite

Your custom granite countertops is an igneous rock that is innately porous but with impervious hardness. The natural veinings and color transition of this mineral makes it ideal for your kitchen and granite bathroom countertops.

It has excellent resistance against scratch, dents, and cuts which makes it a great countertop for the harsh conditions in the kitchen. The main setback of granite is that it can be stained, which is due to its porous nature. To remedy that, you need to perform annual sealing maintenance on your granite countertops.

2. Cut Granite Countertop Cost

Similar to quartz engineered stone, granite natural stone also comes at a handsome price which varies on quality and thickness. If you want to avoid going over your budget, perhaps you can consider modular granite countertops or granite remnants in our warehouse.

Meanwhile, to save on fabrication, you can buy your sink first before getting your granite countertops. Likewise, instead of having an undermount sink, go for a drop-in type to save on fabrication cost.

3. Go for Thicker Granite Slabs

A 3/4” thick slab can be more affordable compared to a 1” thick, but which one is more cost-efficient in the long run? The thicker slab is more economical and worthwhile for long term usage.

Likewise, a thicker granite kitchen and bathroom countertops can serve as the focal point of your room. Most modern remodeling themes would suggest this one because of the greater emphasis on the beauty and durability of stone countertops.

4. Picking the Right Color

Do you want a contemporary or traditional appearance for remodeling? If still undecided, it is best if you talk to one of our professional designers and stone specialist. With their years of experience and skills, they can provide exceptional suggestions that will make your remodeling jaw-dropping.

Nevertheless, for a modern look, neutral colors are a trending choice. If you want a slight warmth in your area, install some wooden accents or furniture. Likewise, you can choose granite countertops as it provides natural warmth with a flair of modernism.

5. Minimize Visible Seams on Granite Countertops

When installing custom granite countertops, minimizing visible seams is a smart choice because it creates a spontaneous work of art compared to smaller slabs joined together. This is a game-changer for it completely adds vibrancy and elegance in your kitchen and bathroom while reducing dirt accumulation on the seams.


You can never be wrong from choosing granite slabs for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It completely adds life and minimalist appearance to your modern or traditional remodeling theme.

Our technicians and designers in Granite Expo will efficiently help you out with any remodeling projects. Simply contact us any time to ask for a free consultation or quote.

Make your residential and commercial remodeling convenient, terrific, and affordable with us.

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