Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops Ranked by Durability

Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops Ranked by Durability

Are you having a hard time searching for the best kitchen countertops to spruce your remodeling? Worry no more, as our stone experts have shared their genuine knowledge with the different types of kitchen countertops out there.

Oftentimes, you find yourself having trouble choosing, which do prioritize, is it beauty or durability? For kitchen countertops, there is high-traffic and more exposure to sharp and hot objects. No other choice, right?

Nevertheless, these materials we are highlighting have innate elegance and pristine beauty, so there will be less hassle in doing minor customizations to make it stand out. We hope you find the most suitable kitchen countertops that match your preferences after you have read this entire article.

1. Subtle and Impressionable Quartz Engineered Kitchen Countertops

This man-made stone has been a craze for homeowners for their remodeling journey. When you want to enjoy the parallel lush beauty of natural stone minus its staining dilemma, you can never be wrong from choosing quartz.

For skimpy kitchen, we usually advise our clients to install sparkling white quartz to increase the visual illusion of a wider kitchen. Nevertheless, if solid white quartz is not your fave, you can check out the other designs and hues of quartz in our showroom. For an affordable price, we can do customization on its edge profile, size, and patterns to fit your theme.


  • anti-stain and anti-microbial properties
  • Mimics the pristine appearance of natural stones
  • Impressively durable like granite
  • Tons of choices for design and color variety


  • Burnt marks appear when hot objects are directly placed on top
  • Tends to discolor when exposed under sunlight
  • Chips and cuts are visible for solid colors

2. The Rolls Royce Granite Kitchen Countertops 

The strength and versatile appeal and texture of granite makes it a priceless choice for most clients. Compared to marble stones, it has a finer veining pattern with specks of gray, white, gold, and green which helps granite naturally stand-out from the scene.

Like quartz, you will have less trouble from cleaning and caring for granite kitchen countertops. Meanwhile, it is innately susceptible to stains, so we do annual impregnating of sealants to reinforce anti-stain abilities. For your monthly sealing, simply use granite topical sealants which you can find in any hardware stores.


  • No worries placing hot pans on top of it
  • Impressive resistance against dent, scratch, and cracks
  • Eye-popping natural appeal
  • Increases estate value and curb appeal


  • requires annual sealing
  • Need a professional for customization and installation

3. Industrial and Versatile Appeal of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

You can never undermine the industrial appeal of concrete, as it can be turned to a head-turning kitchen countertop. Without a doubt, you can choose any paint or finish on your concrete countertop to make it appeal like the luxurious granite or marble stones.

Our skilled technicians and stone specialist will definitely make a masterpiece with your concrete kitchen countertops. Rustic colors to have that earthly warmth and traditional feel, while pale hues to strike an elegant modern appeal.

Our seasoned installers will ensure the proper sealing of concrete so as to avoid stains and cracks. Compared to granite and quartz, you will have better cost-savings with this one.


  • affordable option compared to high-end natural and synthetic stones
  • Flexible options for paints and finishes
  • Durably at par with granite


  • Requires extensive skills to ensure proper installation, sealing, and application of finishes
  • Still prone to cracks

4. Industrial Sleek Contender Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

If you have an eye for an industrial theme with sleek elegance, then stainless steel kitchen countertop is your best choice. The usual dilemmas from stone countertops which include staining and heat resistance is never a problem with this material. Moreover, stainless steel surface is pretty much easy to clean and wipe down.

If you want to balance the cool and industrial appeal of steel countertops, you can opt for wooden cabinetry, chairs, and accessories in your kitchen. A splurge of other vibrant colors will also fit well, so your steel countertop stands out from the background.


  • Flexible in terms of aesthetics and functionality
  • Excellent stain and heat resistance
  • Great durability for high-traffic kitchens


  • Smudges are visible
  • Slightly costly

5. Soft and Lucrative Marble Kitchen Countertops

For the lovers of classic beauty but with flair of modern elegance, marble kitchen countertops is your ultimate soulmate. The natural patina it develops over time, subtly gives you that countryside appeal while enjoying the rich depth of its colors and bold veining.

If handling the sensitive nature of marble is not a burden for you, then you are good to go for this material. Marble stones are innately susceptible to stains and etching. The main reason why you have to have it sealed annually. Likewise, we advise our clients to avoid placing acidic solutions on top of their precious marble stone countertops.


  • Seamless combination of modern essence and traditional feel
  • Marble is a good choice when you want to enjoy stark white beauty for your petite kitchens and bathrooms
  • Luxurious and high-end appeal in your kitchen 


  • vulnerable to stains without proper sealing
  • Soft nature
  • Typically sold at a hefty price


Those are just five of the best materials you can have for your durable and stylish kitchen countertops. If you want to see more of its variations, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit in our showroom.

We offer unbeatable rates for our all-in-one fabrication, customization, and installation of kitchen and bathroom countertops. In case you have any questions or clarifications, send us an email or call us directly.

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