Great Advantages of Installing Marble Countertops

Great Advantages of Installing Marble Countertops

There is no such thing as a perfect stone countertop without any gripe to observe or be cautious of. Despite the fragile nature of marble, several homeowners are still longing to have it for their kitchen and bathroom vanities.

If you are planning to install manufactured marble countertops, here the best advantages to enjoy from this natural stone.

1. Pristine Beauty

If you have seen a marble slab, and have cut it into two, you would notice that none of the pieces is alike. This is one of the pristine beauty of marble stones which contributes to its stunning appearance.

One of the main features of marble that is loved by many is its bolder veinings with high consistency with its background color. This is a good contrast with granite who has finer veining details and more varied specks of color in its background.

Among the top brands of best marble countertops include Carrara and Calacatta. There are several kinds of marble stone countertops available in the market and each has its respective price and elegance.


The former has the most economical price among the types of marble countertops. It is characterized by a white to the gray background and finer gray veining patterns. Its white color provides a quick facelift in the beauty and elegance of your small kitchen and bathroom redo.


Meanwhile, Calacatta marble has parallel looks with Carrara but comes at a higher price due to its rarity. Calcatta is considered as the number one brand of marble in the industry.

Unlike Carrara, the veining patterns of Calacatta are thicker and darker which draws much attention to your audience.

2. Dependable tolerance against heat

Marble has a weak spot with acidic solutions which leads to etching. Nonetheless, you can readily resolve this through light buffing and sanding to hide etch marks. Despite this vulnerability, marble stones are naturally impervious to a high temperature so no worries on placing hot pots on top.

Considering that, you can choose to install marble countertops for your hot kitchen granted you have applied impregnating sealants to cover up its pores. Further, we still encourage you to use hot pads when placing hot items on top of your marble kitchen countertop to avoid destroying its sealant covering.

3. Increase Room’s Brightness

Your natural and engineered marble countertops have a naturally bright and glossy surface which amplifies the brightness of your low-lit kitchen and bathroom space. Consequently, this increases the illusion of having a wide space without shelling huge cash for your redo.

The polished surface of marble serves as a mirror where lights coming from your pendant lights bounce off and illuminate the entire space. You have better savings for installing more pendant lights and electricity bills.

4. Highly Customizable

Natural marble stones are great to have but if it does not match your kitchen cabinetry and flooring, then we can customize its color and patterns.

With our latest veining technology, you can easily have your engineered marble countertops to suit your remodeling theme. Likewise, these types of marble countertops have enhanced durability to resist scratch and etching. Likewise, anti-stain properties are also boosted for lower maintenance requirements.

5. Adds the resale value of your property

Just like any other stone countertops, your fancy marble countertops can sufficiently increase the overall resale value of your home. For better judgment and planning, you can contact our professional designers to give you the best advice in installing manufactured marble countertops for your remodeling.

You have to consider the overall design of your home before choosing the right design and color of marble slabs. This is necessary whether you are planning to sell your property in the next two years or not.


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