Marble vs. Granite | Choosing the Right Countertop Material

For all homeowners, when it comes to kitchen remodeling, all of them get stuck from choosing what is the best material for their kitchen countertops. Among the tons of options, we can narrow down your choice for two best stones – marble and granite.

There is a close fight between the two yet the final decision will rest on your preference. Your kitchen countertop plays a significant role in adding beauty and value to your home.

To make things go smoothly on your part, we have made this comprehensive comparison between the best marble countertops versus granite countertops. After reading this article, you will have a better picture of which stone best fits your kitchen layout.


Both stones are naturally formed from the environment. The marble slabs are sourced from soft metamorphic rocks while granite comes from the hardened igneous rocks.

Both rocks also have other mineral contents inside which contributes to its various specks of colors. Some of these minute minerals include potassium, mica, quartz, feldspar, and others.

Granite and marble are both natural stones, so they are considered green materials because there is not much man-made force or chemicals used to create this elegant stone countertop.


Both granite and marble countertops have unique designs and meanings which are never the same for any two slabs. Granite contains more varied minerals which can be seen in the different specks of colors within and on the surface of this stone.

For granite countertops, veinings and specks are finer compared to marble. The typical pigments you see in granite include yellow, green, blue, red, white, and more.

Meanwhile, for marble countertops, the veinings are wider and the color is more consistent. It depicts timeless elegance for a high-end kitchen and marble bathroom countertops. Moreover, this makes marble a good choice for large surface area because it creates a smooth flow of the design.

Likewise, the veinings of marble are either darker or lighter than the background color of its slab. For instance, a light-blue marble slab will have a veining of dark blue.


There will be no debate on this criterion as granite is far harder than marble. Remember, marble is made from soft metamorphic rocks which are easily scratched or chipped off. Nevertheless, you can easily repair dents from marble by polishing or sanding its surface.

Heat Resistance

Both granite and marble have good tolerance against hot objects. This puts them at a greater edge as well as compared to quartz. However, we still recommend that you use hot pads when placing hot items on top, so that the sealant won’t wear off.

Anti-Stain and Antibacterial Properties

Granite and manufactured marble countertops both have good anti-stain properties, with the latter having a better edge. Nevertheless, both stones are naturally porous, so you need to perform annual sealing maintenance for both. The periodic sealing maintenance for the two minerals is needed to keep its optimal resistance against stains and bacteria. 


Granite countertops require less cleaning precautions compared to marble countertops. You must never use any acidic solutions to marble countertops as it can readily react with the chemical and lead to etching.

To be safe, use a neutral pH soap solution for both stone countertops and a soft microfiber to wipe off stains and debris. Always rinse both with water, and wipe dry with a clean soft fiber.


Both natural stone countertops require the expertise of a professional installer, and we can help you with that. The dimensions must be accurate and careful handling is needed because a single mistake can lead to cracks or breakage of the countertop.


Typically, granite cost lower than any types of marble countertops. The average cost of granite is $40 to $100 per square foot while marble is $50 to $150 per square foot. The cost for each stone varies depending on the design and quality of the slab.

For the best marble countertops, the price can go up to $200 per square foot, while for granite that is around $175 per square foot.

Nevertheless, if you want an affordable price for either marble or granite countertop installed, you can contact us Granite Expo. The best price we offer for granite countertop installed is $34.99 per square foot.

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