Most Popular Granite Edge Options for Kitchens


Granite countertops have been a staple in kitchen design for years, known for their durability, elegance, and natural beauty. When it comes to choosing the right granite countertops, there’s more to consider than just the stone itself. The edge profile of your granite countertop plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most popular granite edge options for kitchens in 2023 and help you make an informed decision about which one is right for your home.

Standard Edge for Granite

Granite countertops are versatile and come in various edge profiles to suit different design preferences. However, there is a standard edge for granite that is commonly used in many kitchens. The most common standard edge for granite is the “Eased Edge.” This simple and straightforward edge features a slightly rounded top corner for safety while maintaining a sleek, minimalistic appearance. The eased edge complements a wide range of kitchen styles, making it a popular choice among homeowners and designers.

The “Eased Edge” not only enhances the countertop’s appearance with its sleek and minimalistic style but also facilitates maintenance and cleaning due to its smooth finish. Its remarkable adaptability allows it to seamlessly complement a wide spectrum of kitchen styles, from contemporary to traditional. Homeowners and interior designers favor this edge profile for its ability to harmonize with various cabinet designs and kitchen themes.

Moreover, the “Eased Edge” boasts durability, resilience against chipping or damage, and an ability to endure the test of time, making it a practical choice for granite countertops. Its understated elegance ensures that it remains a classic and popular option for those seeking a perfect balance of style and functionality in their kitchen design.

Popular Granite Edge Options for Kitchens

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular granite edge options for kitchens beyond the standard eased edge. Each of these edge profiles adds a unique touch to your granite countertops and can enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.Selecting the right granite edge profile can be a crucial element in achieving the desired look and feel for your kitchen. Your choice should harmonize with your overall design theme and personal taste, ultimately enhancing the beauty and functionality of your kitchen space.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge features a slight angular cut at the top, creating a subtle chamfer. This edge adds depth and dimension to your countertops and is an excellent choice for modern and transitional kitchen designs.In contemporary and transitional kitchen designs, this edge style elevates the overall aesthetic, showcasing a perfect blend of form and function

Bullnose Edge

The bullnose edge is a timeless classic. It features a smoothly rounded edge that provides a soft and inviting appearance. This edge is perfect for traditional and contemporary kitchen styles alike.This timeless classic complements a wide range of materials, from granite to quartz, enhancing the natural beauty of the stone and making it a popular choice for both classic and modern kitchen interiors. Its seamless finish is not only visually appealing but also easy to clean, making it a practical option for busy households. With its enduring charm and adaptability, the bullnose edge remains a favored selection for those seeking a durable and stylish countertop solution

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is an elegant choice that adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It features an S-shaped curve with intricate detailing, making it ideal for formal or luxurious kitchen designs.This edge profile is not only visually appealing but also adds a tactile dimension to your countertop, inviting you to run your fingers along its graceful contours. Whether you have a traditional, modern, or transitional kitchen design, the ogee edge can effortlessly infuse an element of elegance and style that complements your overall decor.

Half-Bullnose Edge

The half-bullnose edge is a compromise between the bullnose and eased edges. It offers a rounded top edge with a flat bottom edge, providing a contemporary look while maintaining a comfortable feel.This versatile edge profile is well-suited for a wide range of materials, from natural stone to laminate, allowing it to adapt to various design preferences and functional requirements. Its seamless combination of style and comfort continues to make it a popular choice in modern interior design, ensuring both aesthetic elegance and practicality in residential and commercial spaces.

Dupont Edge

The Dupont edge is another intricate option with a multi-step design. It combines beveled and bullnose elements, creating a unique and eye-catching profile that suits a variety of kitchen styles.The combination of beveled and bullnose elements creates a visually striking and distinctive look, making it a popular choice for those seeking a unique and eye-catching countertop edge design. Its ability to blend seamlessly with various aesthetics makes the Dupont edge a favored selection among homeowners and designers alike.

Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge is a bold and dramatic choice. It extends the granite down the sides of the countertop, creating a seamless look that’s perfect for modern, minimalist, and industrial kitchens.The waterfall edge is a bold and dramatic choice. It extends the granite down the sides of the countertop, creating a seamless look that’s perfect for modern, minimalist, and industrial kitchens.


Selecting the right granite edge profile for your kitchen is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design with the bullnose edge or a more contemporary style with the beveled or waterfall edge, there’s an option to suit your tastes.

Before making your final choice, consider the overall design of your kitchen, your personal preferences, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Some edges, like the ogee, may require more care to preserve their intricate detailing. In contrast, simpler edges like the eased or bullnose are low-maintenance options.

With the variety of granite edge options available in 2023, you have the flexibility to customize your kitchen to your liking, ensuring that it reflects your personality and complements your home’s overall design.


The most popular edge for granite is the “Eased Edge.” It is a standard choice known for its simplicity and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles.

The popularity of kitchen countertop edges can vary by region and design trends. However, the “Eased Edge” remains a consistently popular choice due to its clean and contemporary appearance.

There are numerous edge options available for granite countertops, including the beveled edge, bullnose edge, ogee edge, half-bullnose edge, Dupont edge, and waterfall edge, among others. Each edge profile offers a unique aesthetic and can be customized to suit your kitchen design.

The most popular countertop edge in 2023 is likely to continue being the “Eased Edge” due to its timeless appeal and compatibility with a wide range of kitchen styles. However, the choice of edge profile can vary based on regional design trends and individual preferences.