Reasons To Choose Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen

quartz kitchen countertops

Hi, remodelers and homeowners! If you are looking for a great material for your kitchen island, then the best quartz countertops is an ideal candidate for you. With its stunning looks and durability, it can effectively withstand the harsh conditions in your pantry.

In line with this, we share the best reasons why it is an excellent decision for you to invest in the most popular quartz countertops for your kitchen. If you need a free quote or consultation regarding this matter, then feel free to contact us at Granite Expo.

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#1 Flexible for All Kinds of Homeowners

Technically, the choice for kitchen stone countertops will greatly depend on the age of the household. Nevertheless, hardness, anti-stain, and anti-moisture properties are some of the common features you need to highlight in your selection process.

For the young couple, they routinely go for a sleek modern look that can be seamlessly met by our white quartz countertops. It greatly improves the clean and airy feeling inside your pantry without breaking the bank.

Also, we have several types of quartz countertops having neutral tones that can fit well for this choice and small kitchen areas.

For the workaholic and busy family, they usually go for durability and function, which is suitable for our engineered quartz countertops. This cultured stone has impeccable strength against scratch, dents, and spills when you are eating or preparing your food.

In terms of safety for your children, we can do a round edge profile so it won’t cut them when they are circling around your kitchen countertop.

#2 A Great Substitute for Delicate Marble

The soft and porous nature of marble makes it delicate, though it’s undeniably beautiful and elegant. However, if you want the pristine looks of marble without its setbacks, then an engineered quartz slab is a suitable alternative for it.

In our showroom, you will see various marble-like designs for our quartz stone countertops. With that, you enjoy the classic curb appeal of natural marble minus the worries of stains and scratches.

#3 Stunning Available Designs for Your Meticulous Taste

Unlike those natural stone slabs, you have an endless list of varied colors and patterns of your cultured quartz slabs. During its production stage, its earthly tones and subtle patterns can be readily modified to suit the different tastes of the clients.

Do you like sleek white beauty or exciting warm backgrounds with specks of other hues such as gray, gold, black, blue, red, and more? With quartz stones, nothing is impossible whether you want a farmhouse or streamlined modern theme for your kitchen makeover.

#4 Innate Elegance and Style for Modern Homes

If you want to achieve a modern feel in your kitchen redo, then going for sleek white quartz kitchen countertops is the best for you. Technically, you can choose other neutral tones besides white, like beige, light pink, sky blue, and more.

These hues blend well with your rustic cabinets, stainless steel finish, and modern appliances. So far, most of our customers go for a modern contemporary design in their kitchen and stone countertops.

If you want a 3D computer model of your kitchen renovation, then contact us at Granite Expo today.

#5 Hassle-free to Maintain and Care

Your kitchen is the busiest place in your house, and it’s also considered the heart of every home. With that, your kitchen countertop will be daily exposed to natural elements like water, spills, food crumbs, heat, grease, and blunt force from slicing ingredients.

Taking that into account, your kitchen island must have impervious strength against those external factors which can contribute to its decay. Luckily, quartz stone countertops have a strong reputation for its durability and resistance to high-traffic kitchens.

It is innately non-porous, so no worries with spills and grease. Likewise, it is harder than granite, so you can count on its functionality. Meanwhile, in polishing quartz countertops, you will use a damp cloth to shine back its surface. Nevertheless, you can buy stone polishers in hardware stores for keeping the gloss of your countertop.

#6 Impeccable Quality

You can also bank on the premium quality of quartz for your kitchen island and quartz bathroom countertops. All quartz manufacturers (like Zodiac and Silestone) follow a standard technology for producing it, which greatly contributes to its luxurious style and unparalleled functionality.

#7 Cost-Efficient Stone Countertop

Compared to other stones, the average cost of quartz countertops is sufficiently cheaper which typically runs between $80 to $150 per square foot. If you want to save more, then you can go for a thinner slab or those designs which come at an affordable price.

If you need a free quote for your quartz kitchen countertops, then feel free to call our office today.

#8 Provides Return on Investment

If you plan on selling your property next year, then upgrading your kitchen island is one good investment. Why? The kitchen is the heart of the home today, so most buyers would look at the improvements in this area.

If they see you have upgraded your kitchen island, then it increases its functionality and beauty, which entices your prospective buyer to make the purchase. Meanwhile, quartz kitchen countertops usually add 50% to 70% of its overall cost to the value of your property.

#9 Eco-Friendly Material

Do you know what quartz is made of? It’s made from crushed quartz and other minerals which can be recycled or new ones. With that, there is less quarrying because the pulverized stones from other slabs can be used to make quartz slabs.

Moreover, producing these lavish stones is highly energy-efficient and less carbon footprint contribution in the air.

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