The 10 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors in Annandale VA Today!

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If you are searching for quartz countertops in Annandale, VA, you might also be wondering about the popular quartz countertops in Annandale, VA. There are a lot of options for quartz color ideas in Annandale, VA, so getting to know them all can make your decision easier.

Finding the best quartz countertops color ideas in Annandale, VA will help you to find one that fits your style and the design of your kitchen. Getting the right quartz kitchen countertops in Annandale, VA will ensure that you enjoy your kitchen for many decades.

To help you find the quartz countertops for you, we have created this list of the top ten quartz countertop colors. These colors are popular with today’s design trends and are sure to make your home look modern and beautiful for many years to come.

What Is Quartz?

When going over the colors for quartz countertops, it sure can help to understand what the material is. Quartz is made from crushed rocks that are held together by a strong resin.

Quartz has a lot of the amazing beauty of real stone, but it is more durable, resists water better, is lower maintenance, and is antimicrobial. Many people choose quartz over real stone because it is more readily available and easier to take care of.

The color of quartz countertops come from the rocks used in its production, but can also be tinted to have more color options than you get from natural stone. It is possible to get a custom quartz made from your home in exactly the color you like, but it will take longer to make it specially and will cost more.

Callacata Arno

This is a white countertop with hints of gray and gold within it. This color creates a beautiful white surface that works in so many different kitchens you can’t really go wrong with it.

The flecks of golden rocks help Callacata Arno match with golden cabinet hardware for an ultra-trendy kitchen. Little details like this make your kitchen look amazing even if it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is looking so amazing.

Midnight Corvo

This quartz color is dark black and can be a real stunner in the right kitchen design. There is also midnight corvo with some faint white veining for a little bit of extra contrasting effect.

Midnight Corvo is excellent as a contrast piece in a white kitchen. The darkness of the quartz takes on some extra depth when it is so starkly contrasting a white palette kitchen.

Soapstone Mist

Soapstone mist quartz has a neutral gray color that brings some serious sophistication to your home. Gray can go well with many different design palettes and soapstone mist is great in many different kitchens.

When you choose soapstone mist for your countertops, you add some dimension to your space that other colors might not be able to give you. Depending on the color palette of your kitchen, soapstone mist gives you contrast with a lighter palette, or a blending effect if you have a gray kitchen.

Calacatta Sierra

Having an interesting vein pattern on your countertops is a great way to draw attention to them and give you something to examine for hours on end. Calacatta sierra has big, bold as well as thin lines of gray running through its white overall color.

This color of quartz really works well in a modern kitchen to give the space some more intrigue if you feel a full white kitchen is too boring. When you choose calacatta sierra you are choosing a quartz that will keep your eyes entertained each time that you look at it.

Gray Lagoon

For those of you who might not be sure if you want to have a cool and refreshing space or a warm and lively environment, gray lagoon can work in both. This quartz color is mostly gray, but with plenty of golden specs that warm it up nicely.

If you install gray lagoon, you can change the rest of the furnishings around it to change the entire atmosphere of the room. You can bring out its warm feelings with other warm colors, or enhance its cooling effect with other grays, whites and blues.


With some nice sized grains this gray and white quartz is a perfect choice for you if you want a countertop that can shift with different perspectives. Aura can appear warm and cozy from certain angles, and more solitary when you look at it in a different light.


With a smokey white base color and faint lines of gray, Soho fits in with many beautifully designed spaces. It is inspired by a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City that is famous for its fashion industry, and this color of quartz lives up to the neighborhood’s elegance.

We like this quartz color in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom that shows off a certain sense of intrigue and inquest. With white walls it can bring a little bit of visual interest that could be lacking in an otherwise all white room.


This quartz color gives you an abundance of dark veins with a whtie base. The veining almost gives you a textured appearance that can elevate any space into something special.

Mercer is a timeless quartz that will look good for many decades to come and could even become a classic. You will love Mercer if you have a light color palette design and would like to bring a little intrigue to your space.


A gray colored quartz with veins of white, Storm is a bit of a different breed than the other popular quartz colors on this list. It goes really well as a contrast piece in a white kitchen or can be worked into a colorful kitchen as a grounding piece.

Storm can get a little drury as you might think, so be sure to include some lighter colors in your design if you like the looks of it. There are so many uses for Storm and you can create a truly unique design using this quartz color.

Black Coral

If you are thinking of choosing a black quartz, one thing is to decide if you want a pure black, or something with some veins or even grains. Black coral has grains of gray and smokey colors that lighten it up a little but also keep the richness of the black intact.

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