Things You Should Not Do to Your Kitchen Countertops

Things You Should Not Do to Your Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the best kitchen countertops for your kitchen redo is a daunting task. It requires great time, effort, and money to invest in your stunning modern kitchen countertops. In order to preserve its premier condition, you need to know the things you should not do nor store in your kitchen countertop.

1. Be Careful In Using Bleach for Cleaning

Bleach solution can be a powerful choice for cleaning your kitchen countertops, but it cannot be readily used for all situations. Bleach is not suitable for laminates and marble countertops because it tends to react with the material causing etch marks.

2. Never use Abrasive Scrubbers

This rule is definitely applicable to all types of materials used for your modern kitchen countertops. Abrasive pads or scrubbers tend to leave scratch marks on surfaces and destroys sealant film for porous stone countertops.

For those stone kitchen countertops with great strength like quartz, abrasive pads are still not advised because it dulls the surface. The best option is using soft microfiber or sponge.

3. Avoid Using Knives Directly on Countertops

Similar to metal scrubbers, the sharp edge of knives will destroy the aesthetics and condition of your affordable kitchen countertops. Definitely, you must avoid this practice on laminates and marble countertops. You must use a chopping board to avoid chipping off or creating dents on your countertop surface.

4. Never Use Acidic Cleaning Solutions

Acidic cleaning agents are a strong nemesis for granite and marble kitchen countertops. For granite, acidic solutions will destroy the sealant film covering its mineral pores. Meanwhile, for marble kitchen countertops, these solutions will react to its compound and leave etch marks on the surface.

For quartz kitchen countertops, it is still not recommended because it will dull its vibrant color. The best thing to do is to use neutral dish soap solution for cleaning stains and debris on your countertop.

5. Immediately Wipe Vinegar Spills

For butcher blocks, vinegar is a good material for cleaning but not for stone countertops. Eventually, when left idle on the surface, vinegar will gradually erode your stone countertops that results to dent and etch marks.

6. Avoid Leaving Spices and Canisters in Your Counter

For some, they leave their spices and canisters in their kitchen countertops not realizing its setbacks. If the canister and spice jars looks good, then that adds aesthetics to your counter, but its main setback is reducing workspace in your kitchen countertop.

Take note, you can open shelvings and pull-out trays where you can store those canisters and spices. Make your cabinetry and smart storage compartments useful while leaving more functional space in your kitchen countertop.

7. Don’t Store Olive Oil in Your Counter

First of all, olive oils must be stored away from direct heat and light to avoid spoilage. The proper storage place for your olive oil is in your cabinetry. With that, you are avoiding spoilage while getting away with clutter in your kitchen countertop.

8. Avoid Placing Electronic Devices in Your Kitchen Counter

Technology has made plenty of portable and handy electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Oftentimes, we tend to forget that your kitchen is prone to spills and heat.

Leaving your electronic devices in your kitchen countertop, increases the risk of accidentally spilling over it. Better safe than sorry, so you need to keep your gadgets away from your kitchen counter.

9. Get Rid of the Papers

When gone from the grocery or checking your mailbox, we tend to place our letters, coupons, and free magazines on top of our modern kitchen countertop. This action is permissible for one time only. If you tend to make this as a habit, you will end up with piles of papers in your kitchen countertop.

Overall, this bad habit will decrease the beauty and functionality of your affordable kitchen countertop. Secure a basket or tray for temporarily storing your papers when you have not read it yet.

10. Don’t Store Servewares in Plain sight

Your serve wares have exquisite designs that best fits when you are hosting an event. However, if you store these items on top of your counter, it will eat up so much space and decrease functionality of your best kitchen countertops.

The proper place for your servewares is in your kitchen cabinetry. Store them their to avoid dust sticking to its surface while leaving more space in your kitchen counter.


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