Types of kitchen countertop surfaces to choose: granite, marble and quartz

When you are doing kitchen remodeling, choosing the right kitchen countertop is a daunting task. This is where you do all your food preparations which put your best kitchen countertop at a test for durability.

Aside from strength, you would also want your high-end kitchen countertop to be the focal point of your kitchen. It must add up to the existing aesthetics of your kitchen design which ultimately elevates home value.

To ease your burden, Granite Expo will narrow down your choices for the most popular kitchen countertops into three – granite, marble, and quartz. To have a better gauge on each material, we are going to discuss its pros and cons as your modern kitchen countertop.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

No clients can never stare at the exquisite beauty of this natural stone. Its dramatic veinings are completely different when you compare that to the man-made stones. Most residential and commercial establishments would go for this stone because of its timeless elegance and capacity to increase resale value.

Granite Expo is one of the leading fabricator and installer of high-end granite countertops in the area. We have an extensive collection of granite designs in their warehouse. Likewise, we feature the top 20 best granite colors and textures in the remodeling industry.

Moreover, we offer the best price for installed granite countertop starting at $34.99 per square foot. Contact us to get a free estimate for your granite countertop project.


  • Excellent hardness to resist scratch, chips, and cuts
  • Repairing chips and cuts are easy and seams are barely noticeable
  • Low cleaning requirements – Just use mild dish soap solution and soft microfiber
  • Great tolerance against heat
  • Can be used for outdoor kitchen countertops
  • Increases home value by around 80% to 100% of its overall cost
  • An elegant focal point in your kitchen
  • Excellent resistance against stains and bacteria


  • Pricey compared to cheaper alternatives like laminates
  • Requires annual sealing maintenance
  • Limited color and design options

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble slabs are also one of the best rivals of granite when it comes to the best kitchen countertop material. Its high-end looks provide a great lift in your kitchen aesthetics. This mineral is made from soft metamorphic rocks with an innately glossy surface which reflects light effectively.

When it comes to marble kitchen countertops, Carrara and Calacatta will never be absent in the choices. They have been the go-to choice for remodeling projects because of their timeless beauty and prestige.

Granite Expo also provides an extensive collection of the most popular kitchen countertops made from high-quality marbles. We provide updated information and design to all our clients in their remodeling projects. Likewise, we offer the top 10 best marbles slabs used for bathroom and kitchen countertops for residential and commercial renovations.


  • Great tolerance against heat and stains
  • Natural glossy appearance and dramatic veinings
  • Scratch and dents are easy to repair by buffing or polishing the surface
  • Increases home value by 100%


  • High requirements for cleaning
  • Sealing maintenance is needed
  • Expensive price

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

This man-made stone is the greatest rival of granite kitchen countertops in the remodeling field. It is made from 90% to 95% pulverized quartz and other minerals mixed with cement-based resin binders. Overall, it has excellent strength against scratches and cuts with its resin polymers.

Compared to any natural stone, you get a finer and more consistent veining and design from quartz for your modern kitchen countertops. Likewise, it has exquisite beauty that reflects high-end kitchen countertop.

Granite Expo also features top 10 best design for quartz kitchen countertops. We have an array of collections for you to choose from which can definitely match the existing design and layout of your kitchen and bathroom.


  • More options for design and color variety
  • Excellent hardness against chips and scratches
  • More consistent veinings and texture
  • Increases overall value of your home and office
  • A stunning focal point in your kitchen and bathroom
  • Low requirements for cleaning
  • No sealing required – excellent resistance against stains and bacteria


  • Pricey material
  • Reacts when exposed for long hours with sunlight
  • Low heat tolerance – surface darkens when hot items are placed on top without hot pad
  • Seams are visible when you repair chips and cuts

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