Which Stone Countertop is Best for Your Kitchen?

Looking to have a kitchen countertop installed in your home? Then you have a big decision ahead of you. If you’re already intent on getting one, the next big step is to pick which type of material for your countertop. There are so many countertop materials to choose from and knowing which you deserve is going to be an essential part of the process.

Let’s first talk about the two major types of kitchen countertops. You have your synthetic countertop. These are countertops made out of man-made materials such as PVC, glass bottles, concrete, and many other materials. While cheaper, these types of countertops lack durability, quality, and finesse. However, they’re still pretty good ones to consider if you’re on a budget.

The next type of countertop are stone countertops. These are stones that are usually mined from quarries, processed by manufacturers, and then installed on your home. While more expensive, natural stone countertops are the best money can buy. They offer durability, quality, and most importantly, looks all in one package.

It’s suggested that you get a natural stone countertop for your kitchen as these are the best money can buy. Moreover, the value of natural stone countertops also increase over time which makes them more like an investment and less of an extra purchase for your home. It’s definitely a buy worth making.

Now, there are many types of natural stone countertops that you can pick from. They come in various price ranges and quality and what matters is that you pick one that suits your needs and wants. Here are the top stone countertops which are best for kitchens or for any part of the house for that matter.


Marble is currently the most expensive and the prime option in the countertop industry. The stone has been made synonymous with the luxurious lifestyle already but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of your home even if you don’t have a mansion. In fact, marble is one of the prime choices for modern homes.

This natural stone is expensive because it’s rare and mined exclusively from quarries in Italy. It’s a thick slab of stone that’s taken directly from the quarry, processed, and then placed on your countertop. Aside from amazing evening and colors, marble also has an amazing finish to it that most homeowners love.

As a countertop, marble is indeed the most expensive of them all but what not many people might tell you is that the value of such stones grows over time as well. This means that the countertop made of marble you buy today is going to be more expensive years or even decades from now. Certainly a worthwhile purchase.


Granite used to be the top choice when it comes to kitchen countertops but its popularity has waned over the last couple of years. That doesn’t speak about its quality though. The only reason granite is taking a step back is that there are just so many stones popping up left and right currently.

For you, this is a good opportunity to buy granite as it’s a lot cheaper than marble. It’s price will continue to drop as fabricators look to make the stone rise again. Before that happens, it’s a must that you already invest in this natural stone as it’s going to be beneficial for your kitchen or for any part of your house.

Granite is durable, beautiful, and very functional in the kitchen. This is because it’s scratch and stain resistant, and heat resistant as well. This is one of the most common forms of natural stone countertops so it’s very easy to find a fabricator that can get you a granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.


Next to marble as one of the most popular countertop selections currently is Quartz. This is not a natural stone. Instead, quartz countertops are classified as engineered stone countertops. What this means is that quartz isn’t pure stone. In the case of this countertop, quartz is made out of crushed quartzite which is then mixed with binding resin.

The result is a highly functional countertop that comes in a wide selection of colors as well. Since quartz has been processed already, it’s already stain resistant, heat resistant, and many other things. A lot of people choose quartz nowadays because it has the widest selection of colors for stone countertops currently.

Due to its popularity, quartz has single handedly made granite less popular, hence the lower price. It’s currently the trendiest stone countertop out there and that’s because of its versatility. Quartz is definitely a good countertop to get so make sure to consider this when getting your stone countertop for your kitchen.


The name of soapstone comes from the fact that the stone feels smooth to the touch – soaplike as what many would say. Don’t let its smooth and soft texture fool you though, like most countertops, soapstone is very durable and it’s also pretty easy on the eyes as well if aesthetics are what you are looking for.

A good thing about soapstone is that it is a lot cheaper as compared to other natural stone countertops. People consider this as the budget option when it comes to countertops so if you are looking to get a stone countertop without putting too much of a dent on your budget, then soapstone is definitely one of the best options for you.

Although amazing, soapstone is far from perfect. It is durable but the problem with soapstone is that it chips very easily. As such, you need to be careful around it unless you are fine with ruining the material. With enough care, soapstone can be one of the best countertops you can have for your kitchen.


We’ve said before that concrete is technically a synthetic material but the truth is that it’s a mix of both worlds. It’s pretty much in the same line as quartz countertops for your kitchen. And yes, we are referring to the real concrete. The ones you see on streets, on the pavement, and in other parts of the world.

Surprisingly, concrete countertops are very amazing. In fact, they are also cheap and durable. Although this is concrete we are talking about, the countertop has already been processed so it looks and feels like a regular countertop. At a cheap price, there’s no reason why you should avoid getting concrete countertops.

Concrete comes in many colors but it’s best to go for those natural concrete countertops instead. It gives your kitchen a rustic look that no other countertop can give. It’s currently one of the trendiest countertops out there because of its cheap price. It’s a great alternative to those natural stone countertops that are expensive.


Yes, even onyx can be made into a kitchen countertop. In fact, it’s a unique kitchen countertop at that. It’s classified as a banded rock. THis means that there are various  strips of colors and other rocks that taint the surface of the onyx countertop. It’s a good addition to your home that adds a lot of identity to it.

The only downside to onyx countertops is that they are a bit on the pricey side. Moreover, they are harder to find as it’s only been recently that onyx has started to make a name for itself in the countertop industry. If you do find an onyx countertop, don’t let the opportunity skip you as this is one of the best countertops to get out there.

Onyx not only makes your home more unique, it can also make it more valuable as the material is rare.  It’s also a very functional countertop at that so you can use onyx for various purposes in the kitchen. It’s not a countertop that’s really all about the looks as it’s also more about function as well.

Stone countertops may be amazing but take note that they require your utmost dedication and love when it comes to maintenance. Make sure to ask your fabricator about how you can take care of your stone countertop when getting it as you’d only want the best for your stone.

These are just some of the top natural stone countertops in the industry currently. If you have the time and money for it, make sure to invest in these for your kitchen as these are the best that money can buy. You’re not just paying for a stone countertop, you’re also investing in something that will benefit your home for a long time.

Although it’s mostly up to you what type of countertop you get, picking from these prime choices is often one of the best decisions you can make in a while. Hopefully, you find a countertop that does wonders for your kitchen and home as you deserve it after making such an investment for your kitchen.

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