Your Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Right Marble Countertop

Your Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Right Marble Countertop

Marble countertops are a classic choice when it comes to sprucing up the curb appeal of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The tons of options and features to consider will make your decision-making process challenging.

Good thing you are here, as this guide will take you to each factor that needs to be considered when you desire the best marble countertops in your remodeling.

What is Marble Stone Countertops

This metamorphic rock is made mostly of calcium and magnesium carbonate. These compounds are generally soft and highly reactive with acidic solutions. Despite its porous nature, all types of marble countertops have that glossy finish which increases the aesthetics and value of your home.

Different Types of Marble Countertops

There is much versatility in design when you go for marble stone for your kitchen and bathroom vanity tops. Below are the best marble countertops you can have in the industry.

1. Calacatta Marble Stone

This type is also mined in Carrara, Italy but with a higher cost compared to Carrara marble. It is characterized by a stark white background with bolder veinings for a dramatic appeal. Veinings can be in gold or gray tone.

2. Carrara Marble Stone

This is the most popular choice among homeowners due to its rich and spotless white background with gray and blue undertone veinings. It is more cost-efficient than Calacatta and can stand the test of time for its aesthetics and strength.

3. Statuary Marble Stone

When it comes to glossy and sleek appearance, this one is parallel with the popular Carrara marble stone. For your lucrative and modern theme, you can definitely count on this material.

4. Crema Marfil

It has a random veining pattern similar to granite but bolder giving its rich dramatic feel. Typically, this marble stone has a yellowish or beige background which elegantly contrasts with dark-colored cabinetry or island countertop.

5. Emperador Marble Stone

Among the types of marble stones, this one depicts a natural earth brown beauty. Generally, this type has a color variation fluctuating from brown to white to gray tones. Its veining patterns are usually in dark to a light gray tone. Overall, this is an excellent match up with rustic or tan brown cabinetry and furniture.

Polished or Matte Finish Marble

Manufactured marble countertops are naturally porous so it is prone to staining and bacterial growth. Choosing a polished finish would be best since the coat can cover its mineral pores. The only setback with this finish is the visibility of scratch marks.

Nevertheless, matte is still a viable option but for low-traffic areas in your home where there is less exposure to moisture and drinks. Moreover, this finish enables you to hide scratches in your countertop surface.

Marble Countertop Edge Styles

There are various styles for your marble countertop edge and it depends on your preference and purpose. The usual and common choice among homeowners will be the square edge. If you want to get rid of the sharp 90-degree edges, you can opt for an eased edge profile.

Meanwhile, a bevelled edge style will be good to easily wipe off spills from your marble countertops without dripping directly on the floor. The flat 45-degree surface of this edge profile reflects the light coming from your hanging pendant lamps. Overall, there is an increase in the brightness of your kitchen.

Maintenance of Marble Countertops

Acids, spills, knives, and abrasive pads are the best nemesis of your best marble countertops. For all our clients, we always apply impregnate sealants annually for their kitchen and marble bathroom countertops. This increases the anti-stain properties of marble.

When using knives and sharp objects, always use wooden boards to avoid scratches and destroying the sealant film of marble countertops. When doing your daily or weekly cleaning, only use neutral dish soap solution and sponge or soft towel.


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