Clever Bathroom Countertop Storage Ideas

The limited space of your bathroom will never limit your creativity of maximizing storage compartments. Oftentimes, it takes a little tweak of imagination, engineering ideas, and resourcefulness to formulate clever storage ideas in your custom bathroom countertops.

We are going to impart some creative practical life hacks for storage compartments inside your narrow bathroom space. This is beneficial in increasing the beauty and functionality of your bathroom vanity countertops.

Built-in Shelves in Your Studs

If you have sufficient space left in between wall studs, you can incorporate a built-in shelf for storing your bathroom towels, shampoos, and liquid soaps. The design of the door panel must be the same with the wall to provide a seamless look.

Two-level Wire Basket for Vertical Storage

You can have a two-level wire basket rack with chrome-plated finish placed on top of your bathroom vanity tops. This becomes a good storage space for toothbrushes, towels, and other personal hygiene things.

Moreover, with its chrome-plated finish, it adds a sleek modern accent with your mirror and custom bathroom countertop.

Stackable Glass Jars

If you do not have any wire basket rack, then you can go for stackable glass jars placed on top of your bathroom vanity countertops. It must be transparent so that you can see what is being stored inside the glass jars.

Corner Cabinet

If your custom bathroom countertop reaches the corners of your bathroom walls, then you can install a wooden vanity cabinet on the corner. This wooden cabinet can be a two-door type for segregation purposes.

Vertical Vanity Cabinet In Between Mirrors

You can install a vanity cabinet in between the two mirrors of your bathroom is space is wide enough for it. A wooden cabinet will do, then inside of it will be a four to five storage levels.

Wall Hanging Wire Baskets

Aside from saving space on your floor, hanging your wire baskets on the wall is a good way to accentuate. This is a good idea when you do not have any stone remnants left to create a mosaic in your bathroom walls.

Create a Bucket Tower that Hangs on a Rope

If wall hanging is not viable, perhaps, a bucket tower hanging on a rope is a good option. It saves a lot of space while adding more storage options for your vanity kits. You can also choose bucket color which complements the design of your bathroom wall.

Organizers at the Back of the Door Panel of your Vanity Cabinet

If wall hanging and bucket tower is not possible, then insert small organizers behind the door panel of your vanity cabinet. You can store light things like lipstick, toothbrush, manicure, and others in your small organizers.

A Horizontal Box Compartment with Small Divisions

Do not like vanity cabinet doors? Then install a horizontal box with small divisions on top of your bathroom vanity countertop. With this, you can easily segregate, see, and grab what you need to freshen up.

Skirting of your Pedestal Bathroom Sink

This is simple and easy to do. You just need to have a beautiful fabric which you can use to skirt your pedestal bathroom sink. It hides the little pipes underneath your sink, and you can place your basket bins inside. The skirt of your sink hides both the basket bins and small pipe underneath it.

Acrylic Organizers on Top of your Custom Bathroom Countertops

If you do not have any stackable glass jars, then buy some acrylic organizers and placed on top of your vanity top. It a clean and sleek way of preventing any clutter in your bathroom countertop.


There are tons of ways to increase the storage capacity of your limited bathroom space without compromising beauty. These are just some of the practical life hacks for increasing storage options in your custom bathroom countertops.

If you need any further assistance with bathroom countertops, feel free to contact us Granite Expo. We will provide an immediate response to your inquiries. Likewise, you can call us for a free estimate of your bathroom vanity countertop projects or check us on Yelp!

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