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Guide To Selecting Bathroom Countertops


Unlike kitchen countertops, your custom bathroom countertops can be a few notches lower for durability as long as it has good resistance against water, stains, cosmetics, and scratches. Oftentimes, style and design are the influencing factors for most clients.

Your bathroom vanity tops can reflect your mood and serve as the focal point in the area. Choosing the best bathroom vanity top is a daunting task, and our guide here will make it easier on your part.

Features You Need to Consider

Before shopping around, better have a good idea on the vital factors that you need to look for a good bathroom vanity tops.


Durability is still a factor you need to consider for your vanity counter, but not so much when you are choosing for kitchen countertops. Granite and quartz can be your two top choices when it comes to durability. Other options you can consider include soapstone, marble, concrete, quartzite, and cultured marble countertops.

Design and Color

The trending colors for modern bathroom redo are neutral and light colors because they create a more soothing and cool feeling inside your bathroom. When paired with modern lightings, you get a vibrant aura in your relaxing oasis.

For this purpose, colors like white, gray, beige, light blue, and light pink can be an excellent choice. Nevertheless, we have tons of color variations of custom bathroom countertops that you can choose in our warehouse.

Countertop Finish

Technically, you have three choices for your vanity top finish – honed, polished, or leather. However, the best finish we can recommend is the polished one because it increases the anti-stain and non-porous property of your bathroom countertops.

Likewise, for small bathroom redo, we encourage remodelers to have a smooth and round edge to avoid cuts from sharp countertop edges.

Veining Patterns

Most modern bathroom vanity tops have finer veining patterns to create a spontaneous appearance with lesser visible seams for smaller surface areas. In contrast, you can still opt for bolder veinings like that for marble countertops to achieve a dramatic feel in the area.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Despite the durability and beauty of your vanity tops, this condition won’t last a lifetime without proper cleaning and maintenance. Oftentimes, it is recommended to use neutral soap solutions when cleaning vanity tops. Meanwhile, for those porous natural stones, you need to apply topical or impregnating sealants every year.

Types of Bathroom Countertops

We are done with the features, now let us go over with the different materials used for creating your custom bathroom countertops.

1. Granite

This is the top pick when it comes to the best material for your vanity top. It has finer veining patterns and specks of various colors due to the presence of minute minerals. 

Aside from its exquisite beauty, its impervious strength and low cleaning requirements contribute greatly to its high demand among customers. Moreover, it completely increases the resale value of your home.

2. Engineered Quartz

This engineered stone has also dominated the market for the best countertop material. When you want a stark white beauty without being fragile, quartz can be your best choice.

It is made from 95% crushed quartz and 5% cement-based resin binders. This makes quartz innately non-porous and durable against scratches and dents.

When it comes to color and design consistency, this material serves as a great choice as well. With our modern technology, we are able to mimic the beauty of natural stones like granite and marble. White or beige quartz bathroom countertops can totally make your small bathroom space look wider and refreshing.

3. Marble

If you are ready to embrace the vulnerabilities of marble while enjoying its timeless elegance, then this is the best material for your custom bathroom countertop. You can choose to have white marble countertops for your modern theme.

Its glossy surface totally lightens up your space with fewer lighting to be installed. Marble has good resistance against heat and scratches but vulnerable to stains and acidic solutions. To counter that, you need to have it sealed annually.

4. Quartzite

This material is totally capturing the heart of most remodelers because of its low requirements for maintenance while having a stunning strength and beauty like natural stones.

Some of the best brands of quartzite include Gibraltar, Corian, Avonite, and Staron. We can definitely customize the design, shape, dimension, and veining of your solid-surface bathroom countertop to match your layout and theme.

5. Soapstone

This material is best known for its creamy white color which gradually develops a patina with constant oiling in its surface. This is a good option for those who love a rustic and classic look in their bathroom space.

Soapstone has good durability against scratches but not as hard as granite and quartz. It has a high tolerance against heat that’s why it is also used in the furnace area. Moreover, it requires simple cleaning action because it is naturally non-porous.


We at Granite Expo offers wide collections of granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, and other stone countertops. We can completely fabricate and customize your stone countertops to satisfy your home addictions.

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