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Porcelain Countertops in Virginia 

The home renovation landscape is constantly changing and evolving. With it, new countertop options and styles emerge as well. Porcelain countertops in Virginia came up as a frontrunner among countertop materials as they captivate the attention of homeowners with their beauty and stylish appearance. 

Introduction to Porcelain Countertops 

Porcelain is a manufactured material that offers a uniform appearance and harmonious patterns. It is mostly made up of an ingredient we are all familiar with: clay. The added minerals to the mixture grant it different advantages such as strength and durability. All of the components are mixed and cured under extreme heat which produces porcelain slabs. 

Advantages of Porcelain Countertops


The durability of the material is the most important aspect to consider during the renovation process. Porcelain slabs that create porcelain countertops in Virginia undergo a careful manufacturing process that involves high heat, which results in a very dense and strong material. 

Its strength makes it scratch-resistant and highly resilient against the wear and tear of daily use. This durability ensures that they will maintain their aesthetic appeal and strength for a long time, performing at peak performance for years to come. Porcelain is even stronger than granite, which is known as one of the hardest materials used for countertops. 

Stain resistance

Stain resistance is an especially component of countertops in kitchens. Spills are inevitable, and no matter how attentive you try to be, sometimes countertops with lower resistance will get stained. With stain resistant porcelain countertops you don’t have to worry about such issues anymore. 

They are shielded with a non-porous surface that won’t let staining agents such as coffee, wine, and cooking oils seep into the stone, thus preventing the possibility of stains altogether. Porcelain won’t absorb food particles or liquid spills, allowing you to enjoy your unblemished countertops for a longer time. 

Heat resistance

As mentioned before, porcelain slabs are fired at extremely high temperatures as part of the manufacturing process. This gives them a high resistance to heat, therefore porcelain can withstand the amounts of heat that is generally generated in a kitchen or bathroom. 

In other words, you won’t have to worry about whether placing hot pots and pans will create a burn mark or cause the stone to melt. The exceptional heat resistance or porcelain countertops in Virginia enable a functional workspace on which you can create delicious meals for your loved ones with fewer problems. 

Low maintenance

Low maintenance is one of the most influential pros of porcelain countertops as it will directly impact your day-to-day life. Porcelain countertops deliver ease of use and cleaning effortlessly. Unlike natural stones such as granite, porcelain isn’t porous. In other words, it doesn’t have small holes all over it that make it easy for bacteria to seep in and grow. 

Moreover, its non-porous surface is the reason for its incredible stain resistance. You won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen scrubbing the counters, trying to get stubborn stains out. You won’t have to reseal the countertops every year either, saving you the cost of the labor and materials. 

Stylish aesthetic appeal

Beyond all of its amazing practical benefits, porcelain countertops are also extremely gorgeous and they elevate the appeal of the home immediately. The stylish appearance they add to the space will be the center of attention regardless of where they are installed. Porcelain countertops in Virginia are available in a myriad of colors, textures, and patterns. 

As a manufactured material, porcelain offers endless customization options so that you can express your unique style and decoration vision through the countertops effortlessly. You can achieve timelessly elegant countertops that can fit in with different aesthetics and styles, varying from minimal to traditional, farm-house chic to industrial. 


Porcelain countertops offer versatility and flexibility of use thanks to their durability and resistance to environmental factors. You can install porcelain countertops in kitchens or bathrooms. Alternatively, due to its UV resistance, porcelain countertops can also be used in outdoor spaces. 

Moreover, as it has a graceful appearance that can fit in with a wide range of different settings, you can opt for porcelain countertops in both residential and commercial spaces. Porcelain countertops are designed and installed to perfectly fit the shape and square foot of the room, meaning they can be installed even in unusual shapes. 

How to Maintain Porcelain Countertops

Its non-porous build makes porcelain countertops in Virginia very easy to maintain and clean. With minimal effort, you can keep your porcelain countertops in pristine condition for many years. 

Regular cleaning is the most important step of maintenance. You can wipe down your porcelain countertops with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner for regular cleaning. Alternatively, you can use a sponge. You should avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive materials as they might dull the shine of the countertops over time. 

Although porcelain is resistant to stains, you should still clean spills as soon as they happen. You can use a paper towel or a clean cloth to soak up the spill and clean the area with a mild cleaner. Avoid rubbing the area as this can spread the spill and make the cleanup harder. 

Installation of Porcelain Countertops in Virginia 

When it comes to installing porcelain countertops in Virginia, it is best to trust a professional with the process. Incorrectly installed countertops won’t be as durable and they can go as far as to crack over time. The incorrect installation can result in unequally dispersed weight. Even the highest-quality materials won’t be able to withstand such an installation mistake. 

Professionals with expertise will also be able to handle any issue that might come up during the process. Moreover, professionally installed countertops will result in a seamless fit that will upgrade the appeal of the space.

Granite Expo’s Porcelain Countertops in Virginia 

Porcelain countertops in Virginia are a great alternative to natural stones and they have the amazing advantage of being non-porous, similar to quartz countertops. Although they have some cons like all other options do, their pros far outweigh them. 

Granite Expo offers amazing porcelain options that will enhance and transform your house. The amazing selection will help you express your style and the experienced customer team will assist you during every step of the decision process, making the renovation as smooth as possible. Request a consultation for personalized advice and take a step toward your dream house. 

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