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Marble Countertops in Virginia 

Marble is one of the most sought-after home renovation materials. It is renowned for its gorgeous looks and elegant beauty. Marble countertopsare known toadd a sophisticated appearance to the kitchen or bathroom theyare installed in. Keep reading to learn more aboutall of the advantages of marble countertops in Virginia. 

What is marble? 

Marble is a metamorphic rockthat ismostly composedof calcium minerals, typically calcite. Marble as we know it is formedthrough a process that involves limestone going through very high heat and immense pressure. Under thesecircumstanceslimestone recrystallizes and the unique veins of marble form.  

Marble is known for its gorgeous and elegant patterns that give it its signature look. Marble isan incredibly popularoption for home improvement projects and it is a versatile option thatcan be usedin many areas for many purposessuchas kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, accent walls, marble flooring, and other decorative purposes. 

Advantages of Marble Countertops  

Marble countertops offer many pros that make thema highly usefuland functional material. For example, it is heat resistant, long-lasting, and has an exquisite appearance. 

Marble is timelessly elegant 

Marble is synonymous with timeless elegance. It is renowned for its elegant beauty that elevates any space. Due to the luxurious touch it brings to anyspace it is installed, marbleis commonly usedfor upscale commercial and residential properties. Its sophisticated and slightly transparent base gives the stone an ethereal beauty that makes the countertops appear as if they are glowing from within.  

Moreover, the graceful veins on top create visual interest while being subtle and understated.All ofthese elements combine tocreatethe marble countertops we all know and love. The addition of marble countertops not only elevates the beauty of thespace, it also creates an anchor around which you can design the rest of the room. 

Marble countertops increase the resale value 

As they are highly sought-after, marble countertops will undoubtedly increase the resale value of your property in the future. Marble countertops in Virginia will dazzle any potential buyers and give your home an advantage over the competitors.  

Moreover, marble countertops can fit in witha wide variety ofdesign aesthetics and styles. Thus any buyer can imagine their home with marble countertops, whetherit iscontemporary or traditional, minimalist or mid-century.Furthermore,thefunctional benefitsof marblesuchas its heat and UVresistancewill alsoimpress buyers and boost the resale value. 

Marble countertops can stay cool  

Marble has theveryunique ability to stay cool to the touch even in higher climates or warm environments such as a kitchen or bathroom.Thisis one of the mostimportantreasons why marble countertops have been the preferred choice of French bakers for centuries. Working with ingredients that can melt at room temperaturesuchas butter andchocolatecan behard, especially for recipes that require them to stay cold. 

Marble countertops arean importantpart ofthebakingprocessas they keep such ingredients cold for a longer time.Thismakes them a popular choice even for nonbakers as kitchens and bathrooms can get quite hot while cooking or after a shower. 

Can be carved with ornate detailing 

Marbleis consideredto bea softer stone compared to alternatives such as quartzite to granite. For example, quartzite has a 7 in the MohsScale of hardness, whereas marble scores around 3.Thismight seem like one of its cons at first, however, it also makes marble highly customizable and easy to carve.  

With marblecountertopsyou can achieve intricate edge profiles youwouldn’tbe able tosuchas the Ogee edge. Also, due to this qualitymarble is easierto fabricate. If you are interested in ornate detailing, marble countertops in Virginia are the ideal choicefor you. 

Versatility of marble countertops 

Marble countertops are very versatile both in terms of their appearance and in terms of the function they can have. Although marble, similar to other natural stones, is most commonly found in neutral colors such as beige and cream, thatdoesn’tmean other colorsaren’tavailable.  

On the contrary, marble slabs are obtainable in a wide range of colorssuchas bright reds, golds, and blues. Moreover, slabs with varying amounts and colors of patterns can alsobe seen. If you are interested in a minimal style, you can pick a slabthat hasfewer veins, onthe other hand, you canpickone with dramatic patterns to make a statement.  

Organic and earthy allure 

Marble countertopsare adornedwith a unique natural and organic feeling thatcannot be replicatedwith any engineered stones.It has a naturally occurring earthy feelingwhichmakes the slab appear bothapproachable and like a piece of art. 

Each slab has a unique patternlikea fingerprint. In other words, every marble slab is one of a kind and the unique combination of the veinscan’tbe foundanywhere else. This charmcomes withan inviting ambiance and brings a touch of the outdoors to indoors. Marble also pairs amazingly with other natural elements due to this quality, such as natural wood. 

Marble countertops have heat resistance  

Marble countertops are naturally resistant to heat. The main reason for this is that itis formedunder immense heat,thereforethe amounts of heat that generally occur in a kitchenwon’tbe enough to cause any structural damage to the stone.  

Placing hot pans or pots straight out of the ovenwon’tresult in the countertops cracking or warping.Thismakes it highly useful in kitchens. However, it is best to use trivets so that the sealants and resins thatare appliedon the countertops as a protective measurewon’tbe harmedeither. 

UV resistance of marble countertops  

Marble is also naturally UV resistant. If a stoneisn’t UV resistantits color can fade over time after prolonged contact with direct sunlight. Alternatively, it can also turn yellowish if it has a light base color, whichisn’tdesirable. 

Thiscan occur in both outdoor kitchenette countertopsbut alsoin cases of countertopsthat aredirectly in front of windows as they will also have direct sunlight on them.With marble countertops,youwon’thave to worry about such an unwanted consequence.Marble countertops will retain their beautiful color for years to comeevenif theyare leftunder sunlight. 

Sophisticated color options 

Marble boasts a wide range of hues and tones that can pair with different design aesthetics andcan support the ambiance of the whole room.Neutral colors such as light beige and cream are ideal for pairing with other warm colors like light to mid-toned browns that are prevalent in kitchen designs.  

Light gray tones are alsopopularand abundant in marble selections. Moreover, they arean amazingoption for cool-tone lovers.Such versatile color options make the countertops easy to decorate with. Moreover, timeless colorsalsomean that the countertops will stand the test of time, rising above trends. 

How to maintain Marble Countertops in Virginia 

Although marble is notorious for being high-maintenance and hard to take care of, it has only a few rules tokeep in mind. Similar to all natural stones, it is also porous. Therefore, itneeds tobe regularly resealedso that dirt and food particleswon’tseep into the stone and cause bacteria or mold.  

Resealing the marble once a year will make it stain resistant and very durable. Another rule tokeep in mindis that marble can etch ifcomesinto contact with acidic ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar. If you were to spill an acidic ingredient on the countertops, make sure to wipe it as soon as possible. Moreover, use non-acidic and non-abrasive cleaners and tools while cleaning the countertops. 

Stylish designs for kitchens and bathrooms with Marble Countertops in Virginia 

Marble countertops canbe pairedwith different colors and styles.White marble countertopsare a great match withdark-toned countertops as they create contrast and depth in the room.If you have a small kitchen andyouwant to brighten up the space, you can opt for light countertops andlightcabinetry to make the kitchen appearbigger. 

Darker and warmer colors have a cozy effect. Mahogany tones can give the kitchen an inviting aura while making it feel regal. You can use stainless silver appliances to break up the darkness and prevent the kitchen from looking stuffy.  

As mentionedbefore, marble combined with other natural elements creates a magical atmosphere and a timeless appeal. You can use natural woof cabinetry and wicker decorations to enhance the organic feel of the countertops. Additionally, bringing in a piece of nature with plants and flowers will make the room appear more lively. 

Marble countertop options in Granite Expo 

At Granite Expo, you can find many different type of marble countertops.A wide range of options will help you make the best decision so that your new countertops can lastyou for a long timeand serve your needs.Pick the slab that fits your vision among the diverse color and pattern selections.Optionssuch asthe understated yet elegant Carrara marble will be agreatsophisticated touch.On the other hand, you can opt for the drama and boldness of Calacatta marble, making sure your countertops will be truly unforgettable.  

Marble countertops in Virginia will enhance the beauty of any building or home improvement project, as arguably thebiggestbenefitof marble countertopsis their timelessness. Browse the selection at Granite Expo for timeless marble countertops in Virginia and book a consultation so that the expert customer care team can help and guide you in every step of the renovation process. 

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