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Granite Countertops in Virginia

Granite Countertops in Virginia 

Granite is an incredibly durable and long-lasting countertop material. It is known for its resistance against unwanted occurrences such as scratches and stains. Combined with its wide range of colors, sophisticated appearance, and flexible versatility, granite countertops in Virginia are undoubtedly one of the most popular options among homeowners. 

What is Granite? 

Granite is an igneous rock that takes its current form through the crystallization of magma deep within thecrust of the earthover thousands of years. Itis composed mainly ofminerals such as quartz, mica, and feldspar. The inclusion of each of these minerals gives granite different qualities. 

Granite has a coarse texture and it is known for beingextremely durable and resistant.Therefore, itis commonly usedin high-traffic areas that require that amount of durabilitysuchas countertops, granite flooring, or other design elements in commercial and residential properties.Additionally, granite is available in a wide range of colors, making itveryversatile and easy to decoratewith. 

Advantages of Granite Countertops 

Granite has manyamazingpros that make it a wise investment, such as its durability, versatility, and heat resistance.  

Timeless elegance of granite countertops  

Granite countertopshave the advantage of fillingthe space theyare installedin with a timelessly elegant aura.Their natural beauty and durability add sophistication to not only thecountertops,but the wholedesign of the room.  

Each of the granite slabs has a unique pattern that is similar to how each fingerprint or snowflake is distinctive to its own. As granite is a natural stone,the naturally occurring patterns can’t be replicatedtwice. Moreover, its gorgeous design adds subtle visual interest without being too overwhelming, thus managing averydelicate balance. 

Granite countertops raise the resale value 

Similar toall other home improvement projects, granite countertops can be a costlyproject.Therefore, it is important to also mention that they area greatinvestment into your house and will raise the propertyresale value significantly.Granite countertops will draw in potential buyers and convince them as the star of the house.  

Their extreme durability means that the new owners won’t have to replace them anytime soon and theirversatility ensures that they will fit in with whichever design the new homeowners prefer. Granite countertops in Virginia enhance thedesirability of the home, consequently, the resale value becomes higher. 

Granite countertops are highly durable 

Granite countertops are known for theiramazingdurabilityeven in the face ofharsh environments such as a busy kitchen.Thismakes itan incredibly popularchoice as homeowners knowthat theycan count on granite countertops.  

It is anincrediblydense and strong stone that can weather daily wear and tear without an issue. It is resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, heat, and UV rays. With allofthese strengths combined, granite shines as one of the most durable options compared to other countertop materials. Granite countertops can retain their elegant beauty and structural integrity for years. 

Granite is heat-resistant 

In addition to its incredible physical durability, granite is also heat resistant. Itis formedwithin the crust of theearth,under immense heat.Thisgives it the abilityto withstand very high amounts of heat without suffering structural changes such as burning, warping, or melting. You don’t have to worry about damaging the stone when placing hot pots and pans.  

However, the sealantthat is appliedon the countertops may not be as heat resistant. Therefore it is best to use a trivet so that the sealant can maintain its integrity and continue to protect your gorgeous countertops for a long time. 

UV resistance for outdoor purposes 

Similar to its heat resistance, granite isalsohighly resistant to UV rays. Other stones with less resistance might experience loss of color if they get prolonged exposure to the sun.Alternatively, light colors might also gain a yellowish colorthat might make the countertops appearpermanently dirty. 

On the other hand, with granite countertops, you won’t ever have to deal with such issues. In other words, granite is an ideal option for outdoor kitchens as the direct sunlight won’t cause it any harm. The same can be said for kitchens that get a lot of natural sunlight or if your countertops are directly in front of a window. 

Longevity of granite countertops  

Due to how durable and strong of a material granite is, it can last for decades as countertops. With proper care, it won’tbe harmedby accidental spills or moisture in the air. Its durability ensures that you won’t have to renew your countertops every few years because theykeep gettingruined.  

Granite countertops will prove themselves to be the investment of a lifetime as their incredible durability will ensure their functionality and theirtimeless elegance will show that it can stand the test of time with its beauty. 

Versatility of granite countertops  

One of the most functional advantages of granite countertops is its versatility.Thiscan be examinedin two different aspects. The firstoneis due to granite being moisture, pressure, UV, and heat resistant.Thisallows the granite tobe used in differentareas, such as bathrooms, indoor kitchens, and outdoor kitchen countertops.  

The other aspect of its versatility is its visual appearance. As it is available in many colors and patterns, you can find a granite slab thatwill fit in withyour vision and style. Therefore, granite countertops in Virginia canbe usedin any decoration style, from modern to traditional. 

Granite countertops have an organic feel  

As a natural stone, granite possesses a unique organic feel that is impossible to replicate with manufactured stones.The naturally occurring patterns have irregular and unpredictable veins that adda lot ofnatural visual interest to the stone.  

Moreover, similar to all natural stones, the color of the base and the patterns can shift, onsome parts of thestonethere might besmallimperfections and there might bedifferent textures throughout the slab. When all of thesedifferentaspects come together, the beauty of a natural stone arises. The authenticity and earthiness a natural stone brings to the space are unmatched. 

Range of color options 

Granite offers a lot of color options you can pick from.As withall other natural stones, the most abundant options lie in the light and neutral color family. You will easily find a lot of hues of gray, beige, and cream tones. Similarly, white and light browns are also very common and popular.  

Thisisn’t to say that bright and boldercolors of granitedon’t exist.Vibrant hues of blue, pink, gold, orange, green, and many other colors can be foundon granite countertops in Virginia. Granite coloris dependenton the types of minerals that get mixed into it during its creation. Similarly, where it is quarried will also impart the colors of the slab. 

Easy maintenance of Granite Countertops in Virginia 

Granite doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, itis an easy to clean stone. However, the mostimportantstep is to reseal the countertops regularly.Thisisn’t a process you can skip if you want your countertops to be durable.  

Granite is a porous stone,which means thatthere are small holes all over it that can house bacteria. The sealant covers the stone, ensuringthat moisture, bacteria, and food particles can’t seep into the stone. Commonly, yearly resealing is advised, however, the necessary resealing period might change in relation to how much you use the countertops and the specific sealant you use.  

Sealing is the mostimportantstep to maintain natural stones, aslong as itis sealed, it will also bevery easyto clean as stains won’t stick to thesurface of the stone. 

Professional installation of Granite Countertops in Virginia 

Countertop installation is one of the mostimportantfactors in determining the longevity of the countertops. Incorrect installation will result in crooked countertops that will crack and get disfigured becausethe countertops won’t besupportedproperly and the weight of it won’t be equally distributed. 

Thiscan be the case even with the highest quality granite. Therefore, it isimportantto not cut costs with the installationand leave this procedure to the professionalswho areexperienced in kitchen remodeling projects so that you can achieve functional granite countertops in Virginia. 

Stylish design options for Granite Countertops 

Granite can be styled in many different ways as it hasmany color and pattern options.For example,white to creamgranite countertops can be paired with light wood cabinetry to achieve a light and airy atmosphere in the kitchen.This is particularlya preferable design option for a small kitchen as it will make it feel more spacious.  

You can also go for a trendier look and pick colorful cabinetry to addsomefun vibrancy to the countertops. Additionally, when the organic and natural aura of graniteis combinedwith other natural elements such as wood and wicker, the result is averystylish and sophisticated appearance. 

Granite countertop options in Granite Expo 

Granite Expo offers a wide range of premium granite options. You can pick one that fits your aesthetic vision and practical needs among the manytypes ofgranite countertops at Granite Expo. Diverse colors, patterns, and finishes are the best way to step towards creating your dream kitchen.  

Moreover, you can also explore other design elements that can elevate the countertopssuchas different edge profiles. Visit Granite Expo and contact the expert customer care team for detailed information aboutany of theproducts or services. 

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