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Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Tops

Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Tops

Choosing your custom bathroom countertop is a make or break deal, which requires careful planning, meticulous taste, and specialized skills. Consequently, you need to consider a few elements when you are selecting the best bathroom vanity tops for your renovation.

Besides being the center of attraction in your bathroom or powder room, it is also one of the most used assets when you are putting on makeup or doing your beauty regimen. With that, it needs to be both stylish and functional to it a cost-efficient investment on your part.

In this read, we are sharing our insights for the most critical points you need to look for a quality vanity top for a reasonable price. Read further to find out more.

#1 Check Your Available Bathroom Space

Take note, in selecting either expensive or cheap bathroom countertops, you need to have the right dimension that is matched to the available space in your bathroom. With that, you need to take note of its height, width, and depth.

So far, the common sizes available in the market are 24”, 48”, 60”, and 72”. In terms of height, it’s a critical factor since it needs to fit with your stature as well. The typical height of vanity counters is between 33” to 35”. Meanwhile, the running depth is between 17” to 24”, where 22” is the usual measure.

Alongside this, having the right dimension will also affect the style and size of your vanity base cabinets. Considering you will also use your vanity top for storing some toiletries or cosmetics, then it must have sufficient space for an all-around function.

#2 Are You Changing Your Plumbing System?

Are you willing to shell out an additional budget for moving your existing vanity plumbing system? If not, then you need to take note of the specific measurements of your current plumbing layout before shopping for your brand new bathroom vanity tops

Working with your plumbing system can be daunting, so we recommend that you let the professionals handle this task to avoid errors. 

#3 What Material and Finish Will You Choose?

Besides your bathroom vanity countertops, its complimentary foundation, which is the vanity base cabinet needs to be impeccably durable. Consequently, your primary options for its material are hardwood, MDF, and stainless steel. 

If you go for a cheaper cost with a questionable lifespan, then MDF is the answer. However, when you look for long-term investment and reliable strength to resist water damage and stains, then hardwood and metal is a great choice.

Moreover, we recommend that you choose a glossy or polished finish since it can reinforce your cabinet’s anti-stain and anti-moisture properties. With that, you also have lower cleaning and maintenance regimen to undertake for your vanity base cabinets.

#4 Do You Prefer Freestanding or Wall-Mounted?

Deciding between a freestanding or wall-mounted vanity tops will depend on your overall bathroom size. If you have a master bathroom, then going for a freestanding type is great, because it produces a lucrative appeal in your space.

There is a greater visual impact for this style and you can seamlessly place it anywhere, even if it requires moving your plumbing system.

On the other hand, wall-mounted vanities with tops are an excellent choice if you have a petite bathroom. Our technicians will install this one on your existing plumbing works so you have less cost. With this style, you have an illusion of having more footprint in your bathroom.

#5 It Complements with Your Overall Bathroom Style

Are you going for a streamlined, spa-inspired, or rustic bathroom style? Whichever you choose, we have various types of bathroom countertops to suit your taste. You can go for different vanity top styles like a single or double sink, freestanding, or wall-hung bathroom vanity tops.

Moreover, we have hundreds of elegant materials for you to choose from, that includes granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, porcelain, concrete, glass, and more. You can either opt for cool neutral tones or those with bold and warm palettes with speckles of other pigments.

We can also customize the edge profile of your vanity tops, so it is stylish and safe at the same time. To avoid any mistakes, you can book an onsite inspection right now with us. 

Other Factors


If your vanity top is 60 inches or smaller, then it’s only good for one sink, while for larger countertops, then you can seamlessly go for a dual sink vanity countertop.

Fixtures and Lighting

Your bathroom countertops serve as the focal point in your renovation, yet adding modern and fancy fixtures spruces it even more. With that, we can place rear recessed lighting on your vanity mirror, which adds brightness to your countertop.

Besides that, choosing a sensor-driven faucet would also be a good investment for your modern bathroom remodeling. We can also make your bathroom lights remote controlled to add more drama and appeal.

Furthermore, you can install multiple showerheads to add functionality to your walk-in shower area. Also, metallic finishes add a chic industrial appeal to your small bathroom remodeling on a budget.

Looking for A Reliable Contractor Near You?

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Our collections of natural and engineered stones can be one of your excellent choices for your bathroom vanities with tops. For a reasonable price, we can splurge your master bath and powder room with elegance and modernity.

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