Should you use marble countertops in the kitchen?

Marble is still in for 2021. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Jason Derulo hopped on the bandwagon. But what’s in it and should you give it a try too?

Marble is one material that will make any home look stunning. It provides simple yet natural and classy aesthetics in a home.

And, of course, it’s also popular for its price. Apparently, marble doesn’t come cheap. So, if one sees it, it automatically gives an impression of luxury.

But, aesthetics isn’t the only reason why you should give it a try. There are far more reasons why homeowners love it. Here are some of them.

Fine Details

Stones are usually challenging to cut. One of the reasons why is because they’re harder than metal or wood. Most stones also chip easily. Because of this, most stones are hard to design. However, marble is different.

Marble actually has a property that makes it easy to cut. And it’s one of the things that many homeowners and even contractors love about it. Apparently, its “softness” makes cutting it easier compared to granite. Because of this, it’s also a piece of cake to make fancier designs, which could make it even more classy and beautiful, without any fear that it will quickly get damaged.


Durability is one of the main concerns of every homeowner too. It’s reasonable, though, renovating your home is an investment. So, before homeowners decide to let marble fabricators start the installation, one of the first questions that they ask is how durable it is, especially because marble is softer than other stones.

But just because marble cuts like a dream, doesn’t mean it can break easily. In spite of its “softness,” marble can still last long. It’s still a durable option that you can use even in areas in your home that are prone to wear and tear, just like the kitchen.

Heat Resistant

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the busiest part of the house. And it’s not only expected to shoulder defense against food spills and sharp knives. It also needs to have protection from hot pans.

Luckily, marble countertops are one of the most heat-resistant in the market. Usually, marble kitchen countertops can withstand nearly 329 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, these days, brands are introducing stronger and more heat-resistant kitchen marble countertops. Some can now even withstand up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the brand.

There are far more reasons why homeowners love marble countertops for kitchen. Despite that, you still need to consider a few things before you have it installed in your kitchen. This way, you can make the most out of it.

Things to Consider Before Installing Marble for Kitchen


How do you imagine what a marble slab looks like? How grainy or veiny is it? Apparently, marble comes in various colors and patterns. You may not notice it but these can make your kitchen distinct.

The Carrara marble is one of the most popular types for kitchens because of its pristine look. It usually comes in the color white but is also available in gray and blue-gray. Its veining patterns are either fine or feathery soft.

Statuary marble can also give a clean aesthetic to your kitchen. However, it’s not as dramatic as Carrara. But, it’s more reflective and has a more glossy feel.

Calacatta marble usually has a pure white background. However, what makes it distinguishable is its thick dark veins that are either gold or gray.

Meanwhile, Crema Marfil marble offers a warmer tone with its background that ranges from light beige to yellow. Unlike other white marbles, it is more complementing to dark-colored cabinets.

Nero Marquina marble, on the other hand, isn’t your usual marble. Unlike the other types of marble, this one has a black background and has white veins.

While marble is versatile and can match nearly every kitchen design, knowing these types of marbles will help you decide easily which ones can elevate your kitchen’s theme more.

Stains and Scratches

Food spills and grease are common in the kitchen. And they’re not always easy to clean. Unfortunately, they can stain your marble countertops over time, especially when light scratches and other physical changes occur. The stains can seep into the scratches, making it harder to reach and remove.

Because of that, you also need to consider how much you can and are willing to maintain it. This means you have to be diligent about using placemats, cutting boards, coasters, etc. You also need to ensure that citrus fruits and any other food that has high acidity won’t touch the marble as its acid can eat away the calcium in the stone. Thus, making it more prone to etching.

Staining agents should also be kept at bay. This includes juices, wine, and oil as they can seep deep into the marble.

Additionally, you have to consider who should clean it. This is because not everyone knows how a marble should be maintained correctly. So, if you’re not sure who in your household knows how to clean and maintain it, it’s either you do the chore yourself or you have to patiently guide them how to.


Marble comes with quite an expensive price tag. Usually, if you’ll use it on a 50 sq. ft space in your kitchen, it will likely cost you about $1,000 to $9,000. The price varies depending on the style and the brand too. That said, it’s more ideal to think things through first and carefully weigh their pros and cons based on your lifestyle and budget.

Maintenance and Repairs

Probably one of the biggest cons of using marble for your kitchen is it requires high maintenance. While durable, it still needs proper frequent maintenance to keep its pristine state. And because it’s soft unlike other stones, it easily gets scratched.

When it comes to repairs, unfortunately, it’s also quite hard to repair a marble countertop. This is because it’s not simple to repair it unless your countertop is made out of marble tiles as you’ll only need to individually replace the damaged tile. But, if you’re not using marble tiles, the cost of replacement can be costly.

Still, they’re worth considering if you’re willing to spend more time and effort on maintaining it. While the upfront and repair costs may be costly, the benefits make every penny worth it. So, if you’ll ask us if you should jump on the bandwagon together with other A-list celebrities, we’d definitely say yes. They’re not just for aesthetics but they’re functional too.

In case you want to use more marble in your kitchen, here are other spots in your kitchen where you can also use marble:

Bar Top

If your kitchen has a separate wet bar area, then, it would be great to use marble too. This is because your bar top will not likely be exposed to as much traffic as much as other areas in your kitchen. This also makes a great addition to your home’s aesthetics, especially if you’ll have guests come over to your place.

However, remember that it is also where you’ll need to deal with wines and citrus juices, which are damaging to marble. That said, make sure to be extra careful. One of the things you can do is to use a protective mat. An elegant tray will also work.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are on-trend too, especially the oversized ones as they make a statement. And what better way to pair such a trendy part of the kitchen with a material that’s also in style?

Kitchen islands are often one of the first things that one will notice once they enter the kitchen. And because of that, it’s a great idea to make it more eye-catching by using classy material.

If you want it to make a more luxe impression on your guests, the Calacatta marble is worth splurging on. It’s also one of the neutral options you could go for in case you want to remodel your kitchen again.

You can also use a marble design that’s a bit different from the colors of your cabinet. This will make it stand out even more. You can go with an unexpected bright pattern and set it against a monochrome countertop style.

Regardless of what design you use for your kitchen island, a marble will surely make it stand out more.


Another way to show off the marble’s unique veining is to use it vertically, such as utilizing it for backsplashes. Unlike horizontal applications, this is much easier to clean as it doesn’t often come in contact with food spills, juices, and citrus fruits. Thus, you won’t need to use placemats, coasters, etc. often.

Additionally, you won’t have to spend much time worrying and cleaning the grout and every corner of your backsplash as it doesn’t have nooks and crannies where dirt and grime could get into.

Marble is a great material to use for the kitchen. So why not give it a try?

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