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7 Latest Kitchen Countertops Design Trends In Sterling, VA In 2022

7 Latest Kitchen Countertops Design Trends In Sterling, VA In 2022

When thinking about remodeling your kitchen you have so many exciting decisions to make. The first is finding a remodeling company that can help you in your renovation. One of the most important is to choose kitchen countertops. Not only are kitchen countertops a focal point of kitchen design, but they will get a lot of use over the years, helping you to prepare lots of tasty meals and giving you a place to lean against while talking with good friends.

In order to make the best decision on the type of kitchen countertops you will install it is a smart choice to research kitchen countertop trends. This will give you an idea of what other people are doing in their kitchen remodels and you can make a better decision about how you want your kitchen countertops to look. Kitchen countertop trends 2022 are really exciting and you have a lot of beautiful options to choose from.

In this article we will be taking a close look at the latest kitchen countertop trends in Sterling VA. This will give homeowners in Sterling a good idea of what neighbors are doing with their kitchen countertops so that you can decide which of the modern kitchen countertop trends in Sterling VA resonate with you and if they will fit your kitchen design goals. 

Butcher Block


One of the newest kitchen countertops designs in Sterling VA is butcher block. This kitchen countertop design is made from pieces of hardwood laminated together with the side grain of the wood facing up. 

Butcher block kitchen countertops can bring a lot of warmth into a kitchen, and are especially trendy to balance out an all white kitchen, which can look quite sterile without a warming element like wood. They are great for people who like to chop right on their kitchen countertops, as the wood will not dull the blades of knives.

Kitchen countertops made from butcher block will need a bit more maintenance than kitchen countertops made from other materials. You will need to be careful to dry up spills, it may need oiling to seal it and after some years it will probably need to be refinished to get rid of scratches.

Waterfall Kitchen Countertops


In terms of kitchen trends Sterling VA, waterfall countertops which spill over the edge of the countertop down to the floor are having a big moment to shine. This trend is normally done with marble or quartz countertops, but could be used with any countertop material that you want to work with.

Waterfall edge kitchen countertops are a unique kitchen design element that will make your countertop a real centerpiece of the kitchen and make people say “wow”. The edge of the countertop will be more protected from damage, and they make your countertop very strong.

The drawback of this type of trending kitchen countertop is that it will cost more because you will be using more countertop material and it is not an easy installation so it will take more labor. 

Wild and Bold Grains


In 2022 it is especially popular to show off the natural grains of a stone kitchen countertop. The more prominent the grains the better, giving you something you can stare at for hours and see something different every time that you look at it. 

Marble and granite are especially known for their natural grain patterns, and quartz can be made to have more prominent grains. These materials are amazing for kitchen countertops and their grains will give you a very trendy kitchen countertop.

Concrete Countertops


For a modern, urban and industrial look kitchen designers are turning to concrete as a kitchen countertop material. With a smooth finish, concrete offers a durable and attractive surface for all of your kitchen needs. 

Concrete is an economical choice for countertops and is so trendy right now that it will impress all of your guests. It is also a versatile material as it can be colored to match any design goals that you have in mind. 

Concrete is gaining popularity on quartz as people realize that they are both man made kitchen countertop materials, but while quartz is imitating natural stone, concrete is concrete, it is not trying to be something it is not.

Black Granite


With a peak of popularity in the early 2000’s, granite is a timeless material for kitchen countertops that is having a resurgence this year. Black granite is a simply stunning natural material that adds so much solidity to your kitchen aesthetic.

We like black granite as a contrast to a white kitchen, where it can seem like a portal into outer space. We think that black granite adds a lot of class to a kitchen and will make you think of fine wines and scotches being served with tasty cheese platters. 

Granite is the strongest and easiest to take care of of all kitchen countertop materials. It will not etch like marble can when exposed to acidic things like lime juice. 

Subtle and Sleek

Subtle and Sleek

Kitchen countertops that do more blending and complimenting to the rest of the kitchen are employed by many kitchen design experts this year who are not trying to overwhelm you with big bold statements. Some people find the subtle and sleek tones of quartz or laminate more relaxing and homey.

If you are more interested in showing off your new appliances or a unique chandelier in your kitchen design a subtle countertop could be the best choice for you. Using the countertop as more of a background player is an elegant choice that you will be happy about for years. 



More and more homeowners as well as designers are making their design choices not just on looks but on how sustainable a material is. This can be a great choice that will make you feel like you are not having a negative impact on the planet with your kitchen remodel.

To find a sustainable countertop material you can start by looking at used building material dealers to see if they have a suitable countertop for your needs. You may get lucky and find a used but still beautiful countertop that will fit right into your kitchen. One of the many great things about materials like stone is that they are extremely durable, so they can be pulled out of someone else’s home and put into your home.

A trending material for kitchen countertops is made from recycled, crushed glass. These kitchen countertops are strong, beautiful and made largely from recycled material. 

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