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Matching Oak Cabinets with Quartz Countertops


When it comes to planning the layout of a kitchen, the countertop is one of the most crucial components to take into consideration. The countertop is an utilitarian surface that sees a lot of use and abuse, but it’s also a major design aspect that can make or break the look of your kitchen.

It’s important to choose a countertop that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. If you have oak cabinets, you’re probably curious about what kind of countertop will look the most complementary with them. Quartz is one alternative that is quite popular.


It is a material that is hardy and requires little upkeep, and it may provide a fashionable and contemporary aesthetic. Quartz can compliment the warm tones of oak. In this piece, we will discuss various strategies for combining oak cabinets with quartz countertops, such as color combinations, patterns, and finishes. These strategies will also be covered.

Choosing Colors

The color of the quartz countertops and oak cabinets should be the first thing that you think about when trying to match the two. Oak is a welcoming type of wood that can range in color from light to medium brown and frequently has yellow or red overtones.

You should select a quartz countertop that brings out the inherent beauty of oak by emphasizing the wood’s warm tones in order to complete the look of your kitchen. Take a look at these other color combinations for some inspiration:

Neutral: Consider combining your oak cabinets with a neutral quartz countertop for a timeless, classic design. Depending on the precise shade of oak you have, white, gray, and beige hues can all be effective. For instance, a gray or beige countertop can help balance the warmth if your wood has a reddish undertone.

Bold: Consider using a striking countertop color if you want your kitchen design to stand out. With neutral or light-colored walls and floors, rich jewel tones like navy, emerald, or burgundy can all complement oak cabinets.

Contrasting: Choosing a countertop color that contrasts with your oak cabinets is an additional option. For instance, when combined with light oak cabinets, a black or dark gray countertop can produce a striking and contemporary appearance. Nevertheless, when matched with dark oak cabinets, a light-colored countertop like white or cream can produce a fresh and airy feeling.

Playing with Patterns

In addition to color, you can also play with patterns when choosing a quartz countertop to pair with your oak cabinets. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Veining: A lot of quartz countertops have granite and marble-like appearances. Choose a quartz countertop with veining that matches the color of your oak cabinets if you want a timeless and opulent appearance. For instance, light oak cabinets can benefit from a countertop with a white or gray marble pattern.

Flecks: Some quartz countertops come with a flecked or speckled pattern, which can give your kitchen design more texture and depth. A countertop with gold, silver, or copper flecks can produce a warm and welcoming aesthetic if you have medium to dark oak cabinets.

Geometric: For a more modern look, consider a quartz countertop with a geometric pattern. This can include stripes, squares, or other geometric shapes in a variety of colors. Just be sure to choose a pattern that complements the color and style of your oak cabinets, rather than competing with them.

Finishing Touches

Finally, when choosing a quartz countertop to pair with your oak cabinets, you’ll want to consider the finishing touches. This includes the edge profile, which can range from simple and streamlined to ornate and decorative. Some popular edge profiles for quartz countertops include:

Beveled: Its edge has a very little inclination at both the top and bottom of the countertop, giving it a look that is both traditional and sophisticated.

Bullnose: This edge is rounded on the top and bottom, creating a smooth and seamless look that works well in modern and traditional kitchens alike.

Ogee: Your countertop will receive a dash of drama and an air of elegance when you install this edge, which has a curve in the shape of a S.

In addition to the edge profile, you’ll also want to consider the finish of your quartz countertop. Most quartz countertops come in a polished finish, which is shiny and reflective. However, there are other finish options to consider, including:


Honed: This finish is smooth but matte, and it can help provide an appearance that is more organic and natural. Honed countertops are also less likely to exhibit scratches and smudges than polished counters are. Honed countertops are also less likely to show fingerprints.

Leathered: This finish has a slightly rough texture that can add depth and dimension to your countertop. Leathered countertops are also less reflective than polished countertops, which can be a benefit in kitchens with lots of natural light.

Flamed: The surface of the quartz is heated, which results in the creation of a granular and textured surface. This finish is achieved using this method. The use of flamed countertops can give your kitchen design a more traditional and earthy appearance.

Consider the Style of Your Kitchen

It’s crucial to take the entire design of your kitchen into account when picking a quartz countertop to go with your oak cabinets. Choose a countertop with a more subdued pattern and edge profile if your traditional kitchen has elaborate features and timeless design elements. On the other hand, a countertop with a striking pattern and streamlined edge profile may be more suited if you have a modern or contemporary kitchen with clean lines and a minimalist style.


Don’t Forget About Lighting

Finally, when choosing a quartz countertop to match your oak cabinets, you’ll want to consider the lighting in your kitchen. The type and intensity of lighting can greatly affect the look of your countertop and cabinets. For example, if you have under-cabinet lighting that casts a warm glow on your oak cabinets, you may want to choose a quartz countertop with warm undertones to create a cohesive and inviting look. Similarly, if you have recessed lighting that creates a cool, blue-toned light, a countertop with cool undertones may be a better choice.

Final Thought

For your kitchen design, matching oak cabinets with quartz countertops might be a lovely and fashionable option. Think about neutrals, strong hues, or contrasting colours when selecting a countertop color. Experimentation with patterns, whether you use veining, flecks, or geometric shapes, can also give texture and interest to your design.

Don’t forget to take into account the finishing details, such as the countertop’s edge profile and finish. You may build a kitchen that properly compliments your oak cabinets and showcases your particular style by keeping these suggestions in mind. We are here to deliver the most beautiful kitchen remodeling project to you with dozens of different material combinations.Please get the most suitable offer by contacting us.

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