White Granite Kitchen Countertops

You like the stark white look of marble but you want something more affordable, durable, and requires less cleaning. The best alternative stone for you is white granite kitchen countertop. We have a super white granite countertop with comparable stark white beauty of marble countertop.

Let us uncover some of the best deals and benefits of the best white granite kitchen countertops for your remodeling projects.

When Do You Use the Best White Granite Countertop

When you want to achieve exquisite classic elegance of natural veinings, the best white granite kitchen countertop is the smart choice. If your kitchen space is slightly smaller, installing white granite countertops would make it appear larger.

Its huge contribution for adding brightness inside your kitchen makes your space appear larger and sleek. Likewise, pure white granite provides high versatility to match any other color tones inside your space.

Further, you get a better impression of cleanliness and modernization when you set eyes on those super white granite countertops.

Why Choose the Best White Granite

Indeed, there is unquestionable elegance when you look at marble stones but black and white granite countertops offer a unique proposition. Here are some of the best reasons why it is worthwhile to invest in the best white granite kitchen countertops.

1. Dramatic Aesthetics

Black and white granite countertops have natural veinings which provide a dramatic feel in your kitchen and bathroom. For pure white granite, you would still see specks of other colors such as gray, black, gold, and silver. This is due to the presence of other minerals in granite.

This natural and exquisite beauty super white granite greatly lifts the lucrative atmosphere for most remodeled homes and offices. You can also choose a two-tone color design for your kitchen and bathroom by using black and white granite stone.

Likewise, when you use super white granite for your waterfall countertop, it creates a continuous and seamless appearance in your space.

2. Durable

In terms of hardness, white granite kitchen countertops have a greater edge compared to white marble countertops. It has a high tolerance against scratches,chips, cuts, and acidic solutions. In the Mohs Hardness Scale, granite stone is around 6 to 7.

3. Low Cleaning and Maintenance Required

Compared to its white marble counterpart, black and white granite stones are easier to clean. You just need to use a neutral pH dish soap solution and soft microfiber for wiping. 

Avoid using steel wool and other abrasive scrubbers on your white granite kitchen countertops as it can peel off the sealant film covering its pores. Granite is naturally porous, so it requires annual sealing maintenance. This better improves the anti-stain and antimicrobial properties of granite countertops.

Top 5 Best White Granite Countertops that Match Carrara Marble Stone

White granite kitchen countertops provide parallel beauty with white marble stones minus its soft nature and high cleaning requirements. Further, we have added the top 5 best white granite in the industry that matches the beauty of Carrara Marble.

1. Supreme White Granite

This has a milky and smooth white appearance with soft gray veinings. Its natural pattern makes its seams unnoticeable when you will use it for smaller surface area. This is a good choice when paired with your cabinets, walls, and floors having a darker color tone.

2. White Princess

It still has the streamlined white background but with larger and bolder gray veinings. The patterns are highly random and natural which can match both modern and classic designs.

3. Bianco Romano

This white granite kitchen countertops got the icy white appearance with specks and veinings of gray and beige. The patterns are much finer which gives its intricate feel in your kitchen and bathroom space.

When planning to use this white granite countertop, make sure to have sealing maintenance as it can stain easily.

4. Glacier White

This white granite stone best fits any darker-toned cabinets, furniture, and walls in your kitchen and bathroom. It has natural specks and veinings of pink, gray, red, and beige. Nothing can go wrong when you choose this type, unless you want something dark then go for black granite countertops.

5. White Fantasy

This one has the nearest proximate beauty with Carrara Marble stones. It has the streamlined and sleek white background with finer flecks of other colors. Overall, this is a great option when you want to have a modern or classic feel in your remodeled space.

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