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5 Bathroom Vanity Countertop Options – 2021 Latest Update

5 Bathroom Vanity Countertop Options – 2021 Latest Update

If you’re planning to make a worthwhile improvement inside your powder room or master bath, then installing a stunning bathroom vanity tops can be your best choice. With that, you can spruce the curb appeal and functionality inside your washroom without breaking the bank.

How will you go to select the best one? Beauty will be your first concern, then followed by durability against moisture and chemicals. Also, you will consider your budget in choosing the best bathroom vanity tops for your renovation.

In this read, we’re sharing the top five types of bathroom countertops that shall complete the makeover inside your powder room. Enjoy reading and contact us if you need free consultation and an estimate for your vanity tops.

How Much Will You Spend For Your Bathroom Countertops?

You have the freedom to choose between a prefab, semi-custom, or custom bathroom countertop for this matter. If you go for prefab cheap bathroom countertops in big box stores and hardware, your expected cost is between $20 to $150. 

If you choose cultured marble stone, the price can range between $200 to $500, which also depends on the size of your sink. Meanwhile, for premium stone bathrooms vanity countertops like granite, quartz, marble, or quartzite, your cost can fall between $200 to $2,000.

In line with this, some influencing elements for price include thickness, stone quality, edge profile, installation cost, and your location. If you need a free quote at zero cost and obligation, use our cost estimator or call our office today.

Top 5 Bathroom Countertops You Can Consider in 2021

Instead of experiencing the hassle of searching on your own, we’ve done the tedious task for you. We are sharing our knowledge of the most ideal materials for your vanities with tops.

1) The Eloquent and Classic Granite

It’s one of the best high-end stone countertops you can have for your vanity top upgrade this 2021. What makes it stunning? Well, that’s because of the fine and intricate veining and palette combination around granite slabs. 

Besides that, it is highly resilient to heat, scratch, spills, and chemicals, making it a top-notch choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Typically, its price starts between $50 to $100 per square foot installed. 

2) Soft and Marvelous Marble Stone

If you are willing to pay for a premium price and embrace its delicate nature, then a natural marble slab is perfect for your vanity tops. What’s the admirable trait of marble? It got the pristine look that projects luxury and finesse in your bathroom remodel. 

Can it resist stains and scratch? Before installing your marble countertops, we are going to seal their pores, thereby, making them non-porous and stain-resistant. In terms of hardness, it will dent or scratch when sharp objects are heavily in contact with its surface. 

In terms of price, your marble vanity tops start from $125 to $150 per square foot installed. So far, Carrara and Calacatta marble stones are the two most popular types in the market. With its white background and streaks of gray, it can turn to add a relaxing spa-like vibe inside your bathroom.

If scratches and dents are inevitable, no worries since you can easily buff it using high-grade sandpaper to soften the marks. Otherwise, you can go for a matte finish, so those dents are less visible than a polished finish.

3) Quartzite or Solid Surface

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a stronger alternative than marble, then a solid surface is your next choice. It’s metamorphic rock from sandstone, so it has greater strength than marble, perfect for your kitchen and bathroom vanities with tops. 

You can also choose plenty of color and veining variations for quartzite in most stone suppliers and contractors. Will it stain? It has better stain resistance than marble, yet we can treat it to reinforce that property.

Is it worthwhile for buying? With its long-lasting beauty and reliable functionality, there’s no reason why quartzite can be one of the best contenders for bathroom countertop materials this 2021.

4) Laminate Countertops – Best for Budget

Besides prefab countertops, if you are on a budget, then going for laminate vanities with tops is an excellent decision. Its starting price is between $25 to $50 per linear foot in most stores and suppliers. 

Is it great to buy laminates? In terms of price and style, it is unbeatable since it can copy the image of natural stones without being expensive. Likewise, its anti-stain property is comparable to quartz and quartzite. However, its appearance is noticeable and different from natural granite and marble. 

Also, it is easy to install and maintain laminate countertops. However, there also setbacks from this cheap material which include the following:

  • Prone to dents and burns
  • Discoloration over time
  • Less durability against sharp objects

5) Ceramic Tile Countertops

If you want another affordable material for your bathroom vanity with tops, then ceramic tiles are here for you. It’s priced between $10 to $50 per square foot installed, that’s almost cheaper than laminates.

So what are the best benefits of ceramic tile countertops?

  • Can be installed via DIY or professional tile installer
  • Various color styles
  • Excellent resistance against stains, spills, dents, and scratches
  • Budget price

How about its downsides?

  • Prone to cracking and chipping
  • Tile and grout is challenging to clean
  • Color is just skin-deep

Additional Recommendations

Besides the materials mentioned, engineered quartz stone is also a go-to choice among homeowners and remodelers. It is made from crushed quartz and other minerals, mixed with polymer resins to enhance its rigidity and water-resistance.

In terms of price, it is slightly cheaper than granite yet some variations are more expensive than the granite equivalent. It is also pretty easy and quick to clean and maintain than marble slabs.

Are they drawbacks to quartz stone? 

  • It discolors when exposed long hours under the sun’s rays
  • It has lower heat tolerance than granite
  • It requires professional installation

Looking for a Professional Bathroom Countertop Installer?

Granite Expo is one of the leading locally operated and owned countertop contractors in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC metro area. We provide cost-efficient service for installing the most fascinating bathroom countertops for your home at the best price guarantee.

Our licensed and bonded technicians will be your partner for this effort of sprucing your powder room or master en bath. For your free estimate and consultation, give us a call today or visit us on Yelp anytime.

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