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Most Popular Granite Countertops Colors

Most Popular Granite Countertops Colors

Granite is one of the most sought after stone countertops when it comes to residential and commercial remodeling. Its impervious strength and natural charisma attract many clients. If you are aiming for custom granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom, do you know what are its popular colors?

Here, we are going to feature the best color types of granite countertops that most home remodelers have in their projects. Read through the entire article to get the most ideas before ordering and installing one from your local granite fabricators.

White Granite Countertop

For starters, nothing can go wrong for choosing a white granite countertop. This color just seamlessly blends with any color existing in your kitchen and bathroom. Even with lesser lights inside, its innate brightness and reflective surface increase sophistication effortlessly.

Likewise, white is a popular choice when it comes to a sleek and contemporary look in your home or office. When you have this color, the area just seems pure and spotless. The natural fine veinings of white granite countertops add more lucrative sense to its overall beauty.

Gray Granite Countertop

Meanwhile, if you want a deviation from white, gray granite countertops can be a good choice. This color tone provides a subtle uplift for the other vibrant colors inside your kitchen and bathroom. It fits well for your colorful kitchen and vanity cabinets, giving an excellent contrast combination.

Oftentimes, gray provides more warmth compared to white which seems to be more cold and sleek. This custom granite countertop best compliments the chrome-plated finish accents, accessories, and appliances within your space.

Black Granite Countertop

Typically, dark color tones make things appear bigger. When you want your kitchen and bathroom to look bolder, bigger, and with more depth. You would have to choose black granite countertops.

Compared to gray, this type of granite color provides a stronger contrast with other vibrant color tones in your space. These types of granite countertops usually have some white, gray, gold, or silver veining which pops out because of its black background.

A polished black granite countertop provides better depth and dramatic aura which fits well with lighter tone or white kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Nevertheless, it also pairs well with darker tone of wooden cabinets and accessories.

Exotic Granite Countertop

These types of granite countertops have a unique color tone which is an excellent reminder of the artistic trait of nature. These slabs contain rare vibrant colors such as yellow, green, red, and pink. These granite slabs can ultimately stand out on its own and create a stunning mosaic feature inside your home.

Compared to the usual colors of granite, these types have more visible seams when used for smaller surface area. Hence, we recommend you to have exotic granite countertops for a larger surface area so seams are unlikely to be visible.

Some of these granite countertops also mimic the appearance of marble slabs. Overall, it is a sophisticated design to have for your remodeling projects.

Azul Platino

Azul Platino is the best choice when you want multiple shades of blue for your custom granite countertops. Similar to gray tone, this provides a bolder and warmer aura which can flawlessly blend with any vibrant colors.

There are different veining variations for you to choose from, starting from thin to a much bolder pattern. The natural arrangements of its blue specks create a stunning piece of art in your countertop.

Black and White Granite Countertop

Out with the gray, black and white granite countertop makes its glamorous walk into the remodeling hall of fame. This color tone provides a timeless classic beauty with greater warmth for a cozy ambiance. It is entirely black and white for you can see specks and veinings of gold and silver in its surface.

This type perfectly fits well with lighter tone cabinets and metallic surfaces. Nevertheless, a darker tone wooden cabinet would also fit best with these types of granite countertops.

Tan Brown Granite Countertop

These types of granite countertops is your top pick when you want an earthy warmth in your kitchen and bathrooms. Tan Brown Granite Countertops are covered with brown color with some specks of black, gray, gold, and silver.

Small or large surface area, the seams for this type won’t be much visible at all. It definitely looks good for your countertop, sides, backsplash, and waterfall edge. You can pair this custom granite countertop with white cabinets and drawers.

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