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Countertops That Look Beautiful In A Dark Blue Kitchen


Just like how refreshing and calm it is to stare at the dark blue skies, opting for a dark blue kitchen is a wonderful choice. There is a variety of blue for you to select which depends on what you want to perceive in your pantry.

If you go for darker blue tones, then that expresses a bold and modern curb appeal, whereas, a lighter palette goes for a subtle feel. In this read, we are going to share various kitchen countertops that marry well with your dark blue kitchen.

Meanwhile, if you need professional assistance with your kitchen countertop installation, then you can lean on us at Granite Expo. Our more than 16 years of experience and modern technology will guarantee the success of your remodeling. 

Let’s start!

1) Elegant Drama with Black Countertops

You can seamlessly pair glossy finished black stone countertops with your dark blue kitchen. It can be black granite, quartz, or marble countertops, with dark blue base cabinets, which can be a shaker-style or slab type.

Moreover, you pair your black modern kitchen countertops with wooden or stainless steel bar stools. The wooden tone adds a homey warmth to your sleek dramatic kitchen counter and dark blue cabinets.

Likewise, installing a white subway tile for your backsplash is a great idea to gain effective contrast with your dark-toned cabinetry and kitchen island.

2) White Marble Countertops for Contemporary Kitchen

If getting a nice contrast is your aim, then going for white marble stone countertops is a winning decision. The subtle white background of this stone and its bolder veining patterns places a flair of elegance in your dark blue kitchen cabinets.

We have various types of kitchen countertops that will seamlessly suit your dark-tone kitchen, and a marble slab is one of them. Besides adding pristine looks, marble efficiently raises the value of your home.

If you want to add more excitement to your pantry, then you can choose wooden bar stools, stainless steel fixtures, and accessories for your kitchen makeover. A hanging pendant light also adds an accent and focal point to your kitchen island and peninsula.

3) Warm Honey Tones with Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Your dark navy blue wall-mount and base kitchen cabinets project drama and depth, which can be gothic in some instances. To balance its impact, you can add some natural warmth by installing wooden kitchen countertops. 

The rustic brown and wood grain texture of your butcher block kitchen island makes an excellent center of attraction in your dark blue kitchen. Nevertheless, you can check out our other options for your best kitchen countertops for this matter.

Our interior designers and technicians will help you in this endeavor, so your investment won’t be put to waste. Going back, the natural texture of wood countertops invites a farmhouse or countryside appeal to your pantry.

Also, placing stainless steel hanging pendant lights on your kitchen island provides a chic feel on the wooden countertop.

4) White Granite or Quartz Kitchen Countertops for Streamlined Appeal

You can still achieve that sleek modern kitchen aura with your dark navy blue kitchen cabinetry when you install white granite or quartz kitchen countertops. These stones are two of the most popular kitchen countertops in the remodeling industry.

By choosing these stone countertops, you are getting a clean and contemporary ambiance in your pantry. The soft veining patterns of granite and quartz with its speckles of colors add excitement to your space.

Moreover, these two stones are very easy to clean and maintain using a damp cloth and dishwashing soap solution. If you need an onsite measurement, then book an appointment with us today.

5) Stainless Steel Countertops for A Chic Feel

If you are choosing dark navy blue kitchen cabinets with a matte finish, then it marries well with a stainless steel kitchen countertop. The glossy finish of this counter reflects light from your hanging pendant lamps, then increases the brightness of your pantry.

Besides that, you get to enjoy the chic industrial touch of steel inside your modern kitchen. Also, you can seamlessly use it as well for your outdoor kitchen countertops since it can effectively resist moisture and other natural elements.

On the other hand, we can balance the industrial flair of steel when you have wooden chairs and furniture in your pantry. Overall, your space has a balance of all the necessary elements for a modern kitchen.

6) Soft Gray Kitchen Stone Countertops

Meanwhile, if stainless steel is not your thing, then you go for affordable kitchen countertops with a pale gray hue with various undertones and subtle veining patterns. The neutral palette of gray effortlessly standout from your dark-colored cabinetry.

You can also install white tile or slab backsplash to contrast with your dark blue wall-hung and base cabinets. With that, it increases the spacious feeling in your pantry while emphasizing your matte finish blue cabinets.

Other Things You Can Consider

  • You can also go for glass front cabinet doors for your rich navy blue kitchen cabinets. It allows natural light to go inside your cabinet, illuminating your porcelains and kitchenwares.
  • To achieve a refreshing and crisp modern kitchen look, your navy blue cabinets blends well with white kitchen countertops.
  • Subway tile or neutral-tone slab backsplash works well with navy blue kitchen
  • Choose brass cabinet hardware for a more appealing looks

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