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How To Clean Quartz Countertops


No one can ever deny the beauty and elegance of the best quartz countertops. These engineered quartz countertops are one of the leading materials used for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Among its different colors, white quartz countertops are the most sought after when it comes to getting the best modern look.

However, even with its innate strong nature, the best quartz countertops cannot last a lifetime without proper cleaning and maintenance. Today, we are going to share with you some of the practical tips on how to clean and preserve the luxurious beauty of this synthetic stone.

Daily Cleaning of  Engineered Quartz Countertops

Cleaning this stone, even the most popular quartz countertops, is very easy and simple. First of all, you need to immediately wipe off spills when there is any on your quartz countertops. You need to use a soft microfiber or any non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the spill.

Second, you can use a dish soap solution to facilitate the cleaning process of quartz countertops.

What to Avoid for Quartz Countertops

Despite its impervious strength, bonds of the resin polymers of engineered quartz countertops can weaken with certain chemicals. These things must be avoided to preserve the durability and aesthetics of your synthetic stone.

Highly Basic or Acidic Cleaning Solutions

You need to avoid using these chemicals when cleaning your quartz countertops – ammonia, concentrated bleach, and lemon. These substances weaken the bonds of the resin binders mixed with engineered quartz countertops,which makes them vulnerable to scratches and chips.

Abrasive Scrubbers

You also need to avoid using steel scrubber or abrasive cloth and sponge for wiping off the surface of this synthetic stone. The overall impact of these chemicals and abrasive scrubbers will be the weakening of the bonds of its resin polymers.

Very Hot Objects

Engineered quartz countertops have tolerance against heat but when the temperature goes higher than 300°F, it can cause burnt spots on the countertop surface.

UV Exposure

Moreover, quartz countertops cannot be exposed long enough under UV rays as it can darken its surface and allow colors to fade out. Nevertheless, if you plan to use it for your outdoor countertop, it is best to install a shade to cover your quartz countertops from UV rays.

What To Do with Heavy Stains

When heavy stains are present on your best quartz countertops, the best solution for this is your surface or glass-cleaning solution and soft microfiber. You can also secure a plastic knife for putty in case you need a harder material for scrubbing minus the danger of scratch marks. An alternative to a putty knife will be a rubber spatula or plastic card.

How to Remove Grease

If grease from cooking is your greatest nemesis, you can always choose to use a dish soap solution to soften and remove those grease on your quartz countertops. A good alternative is using degreaser chemicals such as Easy-Off and Krud Kutter.

Make sure to read the label for degreaser products and check if some may have indicated if it is not suitable for quartz countertops or the like. Likewise, always use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge for wiping the surface.

How to Remove Permanent Markers on Quartz Countertops

If your children have accidentally made your white quartz countertops as their drawing board, then you are most likely dealing with a spot of permanent ink. No need to panic on this, as there are ways on how to remove it from your best quartz countertops.

Your first solution is using WD-40 and soft microfiber. Spray a small amount of WD-40 on your soft microfiber and wipe it on the area with writings of permanent ink.

The second solution is using a cleaner solution “Goo Gone” and a soft microfiber. Place a small amount of Goo Gone on your microfiber, then wipe it on the area written with a permanent marker.


No matter how strong and non-porous your engineered quartz countertops are, without proper cleaning and maintenance, these man-made stones won’t last a lifetime. To preserve the timeless beauty of the best quartz countertops, you must remember the things mentioned above on how to properly clean it.

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