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Things To Consider Before Investing In White Quartz Countertops

Things To Consider Before Investing In White Quartz Countertops

When you want to make your kitchen and bathroom remodeling remarkable, it needs to start by choosing an excellent material for your countertop. Well, there are tons of options for you to choose out there, but sparkling white quartz can be a great choice. It offers highly impressionable beauty with strength parallel with granite and concrete.

Are you considering white quartz countertops already? Before moving forward, it is safe on your part to first know the pros and cons of this engineered stone. Anyhow, if you are decided to install solid white quartz countertop, you can always lean on us.

The Nature of Quartz Stone

The best white quartz stone or any color options are engineered or man-made, so we can greatly customize its hue and patterns to match your preference and finances. It is mainly made from 90% to 95% crushed quartz minerals and 10% to 5% polymer resin binders.

Because it is man-made, you have better options for varied designs unlike natural stones which are fairly limited. If you want to view our comprehensive collections of quartz stones, simply visit our showroom today.

Impressive Stain and Bacterial Resistance

Quartz stone is surprisingly resistant to stains and bacteria. Yes, you’ve heard that right. There is less hassle when spills and food debris are all around your white quartz kitchen. You can fairly finish eating, drinking, and cooking without the fear of having it stained, just make sure to wipe those spills and dirt after.

Unlike granite and marble, sparkling white quartz or any hue, do not require annual and monthly sealing maintenance. You can save cost for applying impregnating and topical sealants on your quartz countertops.

For those households with high traffic on their kitchen and bathroom, the best white quartz countertops in our showroom is your best solution. There are plenty of designs and color varieties to choose from, which can surely meet your expectations. 

Quartz is Undeniably Strong

Guess what, quartz has comparable hardness with your natural granite, minus the sealing maintenance. For your high-traffic kitchens and bathrooms, you need not worry with light to medium scratch, chips or dents when you install quartz engineered stone.

However, like other stones, quartz has its limitations too. When cracks or chips are inevitable, you can buy some DIY stone repair kit from any hardware to resolve the situation. If you have a solid white quartz, the seams or cracks will be visible but the problem is solved.

In terms of heat resistance, quartz will have a weak spot for it. Consequently, we advise our clients to use trivets or hot pads when placing hot items on its surface. You need to do this to prevent forming burnt spots on your sparkling white quartz.

Likewise, we do not recommend quartz for your outdoor countertops because it tends to discolor when exposed long enough with sunlight. Nevertheless, if you need help in repairing your quartz stone countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Array of Design and Color Choices

Despite how much we want to have a spacious kitchen and bathroom, we are faced with a skimpy reality. However, this is never a hindrance for us to make our petite kitchen and bath look luxurious and stylish. With that, you can always turn to the best white quartz we have in our collection.

If you are not comfortable with solid white quartz, we have other hues and patterns for quartz engineered stone that might fit your preference. You can choose blue, green, beige, brown, or black quartz stone with patterns similar to granite and marble.

We have seen this coming already, so we made our quartz stone collections extensive and varied. You can visit our showroom any time. Likewise, you can give us a call so you can talk to one of our professional designers  for advice.

The Best Brands of Quartz Engineered Stone

Because we want the best for you, we only partner with the best and most trusted brands of quartz natural stone in the market. These brands have already proven their worth, durability, and quality in the global market. If you want to check out the best brands of quartz in our warehouse, simply give us a call today.


Produces premier class of quartz stones that best fits residential and commercial establishments. They have several designs and colors for your luxurious quartz kitchen and bathroom vanity tops.


This is an American brand of quartz countertops. They are one of the best companies producing high-end and affordable quartz engineered stones to meet your renovation themes.


They manufacture strong and lucrative quartz stones with varying finishes such as honed, polished, volcano, and suede.


They produce quartz stones that are 93% crushed quartz and 7% polymer resin binders. If you want quartz natural stone that lasts a lifetime, then you can choose this brand.

MSI Quartz

For more affordable options of quartz, this brand is a good choice. Quality and designs are still above standard that is offered at an economical price.


Those are the best information you need to know before investing for your white quartz countertops. Should you need any further assistance in choosing, fabricating, or installing the best white quartz countertops for your renovations, call us today.

Our team of seasoned stone experts and designers will totally help you all the way, from  3D designs until the installation process.

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