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The Trendiest Granite Countertops Colors That Won’t Go Out Of Style


Keeping your kitchen updated and looking great is a feat. But with the best granite countertops and paint colors, you can seamlessly keep up with the trends.

In this article, we’re going to share with you granite countertops colors that won’t go outdated through time. Our designers will give tips and insights on how to properly choose a granite color that matches your kitchen and home themes.

We’re excited to see what could be the outcome of your kitchen and bathroom renovations after you’ve installed the right granite slabs. Learn more about it here.

Best Colors of Granite Countertops You Must Try

In picking the right colors of granite for kitchen countertops, you need to consider the other elements present in your kitchen. It must complement them and make a stunning masterpiece once your kitchen remodel is done.

Below are the trending granite colors in the market:

Azul Platino

This granite has a light blue background with speckles of gray and black tones. It can blend well with your gray, white, or black kitchen cabinets. Azul Platino is one of our best seller varieties of white granite countertops colors.

White granite slabs are ideal for contemporary or small kitchens. It makes your space look wider and cleaner. Modern elements and accessories can easily work well with white granite countertops.

For your Azul Platino, you can use chrome finish or matte black hardware for the base cabinets where it’ll be installed. Glass tiles for your backsplash would pair well with this too.

Bianco Romano

If you have white or beige kitchen cabinets, then Bianco Romano can be a good fit for your kitchen countertops. Its white background with stains of gold, gray, and black makes it an interesting choice. The natural color combination of this granite slab will never bore you.

Balmorad Red

Combining red and black can give an interesting and dramatic feel. You can experience that with our Balmorad Red granite countertop. If you stare at it, you’d think it’s like a painting of abstract floral designs.

This granite countertop is fit for classic traditional kitchens with a dramatic theme. Black, copper, bronze, and brown can marry well with this granite color. If you have brown kitchen cabinets with bronze knobs or pulls, then that’d make a perfect pair.

Baltic Brown

This is one of the in-demand brown granite countertops colors today. The random brown designs on the black background give it a classy feel. If you’re aiming for a black and gold kitchen, Baltic Brown granite is a great choice for you.

Besides that, this granite countertop can blend with the wood and organic materials used in your kitchen. If you have white shaker cabinets, it can still marry well with it too.

Blue Eye

If you want grey granite countertops colors, then our Blue Eye granite can suit your preference. This granite has a grey background with speckles of royal and sky blue. This makes it an exciting variation from the regular grey granite slabs you see in most stores.

You can use this for your white, grey, or coffee brown cabinets. If you choose other neutral colors for your kitchen cabinets, they can still blend with Blue Eye granite.

Golden Leaf

This granite slab has a light coffee brown background and random specks of black, grey, and white pigments. Compared to stark white marble, this offers a more creative feel on your kitchen countertop.

You can use this for your wooden cabinets painted brown, white, or beige. It gives a smooth color transition from your cabinets to your countertops.

Absolute Black

Black is now in, as most designers say, the home remodeling industry. People want more drama and depth in their kitchen. This is where our Absolute Black granite comes in. You see matte or glossy pure black color on this granite countertop.

You can pair this with any light-colored cabinetry. It can effortlessly pop out from the background. If you aim for a two-toned kitchen, then having this paired with one light palette would be great.

If you have under cabinet lighting, it’ll be reflected by this black granite countertop. And then, it can increase the brightness of your workstation.

Black Galaxy

But if you want some twist on your black granite, then Black Galaxy is perfect for you. It still has a black background but with random specks of white, gold, and gray pigments. It resembles how a galaxy would like, giving an intricate touch to your regular black granite countertop.

Black Pearl

If you love the beauty of the pearl, then we can have that in your kitchen by installing a Black Pearl granite countertop. The black background has shades of pearl white giving it a classy appearance. It’s a good alternative to your standard black granite stone.

Giello Ornamental

Are you looking for unique granite countertops with light colors? Then Giello Ornamental is one of your best options. It has a light brown background with streaks of black, gold, and white. Overall, it has a smooth color combination that’s also perfect for your waterfall kitchen island.

Gold and Silver

Want your kitchen to look more expensive? Our Gold and Silver granite countertop can be your best choice. The random color combination of gold and silver is amazing for this one. It can marry well with your neutral-colored cabinets and accessories. You can have this granite color for either traditional or modern kitchens. 

Golden Oak 

This granite slab is perfect for kitchens with a traditional or countryside theme. If you have wooden cabinets with natural stains, this is a perfect fit. Golden Oak granite gives a natural warmth to your kitchen. Placing ornamental plants and organic accessories would marry well with this.

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