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How To Clean And Seal Black Granite Countertops

How To Clean And Seal Black Granite Countertops

Aside from white granite countertops, the best black granite countertops are getting a huge chunk in the remodeling industry. They provide stunning and dramatic appearance for modern and classic kitchen and bathroom designs.

However, like any other stone countertops, its luxurious beauty won’t last a lifetime without proper cleaning and maintenance. Granite Expo shares some of the simple and easy tips on how to clean and seal your expensive and cheap black granite countertops.

Why Do Black Granite Kitchen Requires Sealing

Granite stones are naturally porous so they pose high susceptibility to stains and microbes. When stained, it can completely change how your black forest granite kitchen looks. However, black granite stones are much denser than other types of granites, so it is less porous.

Then again, different types of black granite will have varying degrees of being porous. To ensure 100% non-porous properties, we recommend that you perform annual sealing maintenance on your black granite kitchen.

How to Test if Your Black Granite Countertop is Porous

Here are simple ways to test if your black granite countertop requires sealing or not.

  • You can place a few drops of water on top of your black granite countertop and see if it is absorbed.
  • The second method is trying to stain a piece of your black granite slab. You can use either cooking oil or lemon juice for this test. Grab a piece of your black granite slab and place a few drops of oil or lemon juice on its surface. Wait for a few minutes and check if it stained.

Cleaning Black Granite Kitchen

There are different types and brands of granite cleaners you can buy and use in the market. However, the general rule would be using neutral pH solutions and soft microfiber for wiping stains and debris on your black granite countertop surface.

We recommend using these things for cleaning your black granite kitchen to prevent etching and removal of your sealant protective coating. Once your sealant film is scratched and removed, your countertop is exposed to the risk of staining and bacteria.

Options for Granite Cleaners

Here are some of the typical options you can consider for cleaning your best black granite countertops.

1. Neutral pH Dish Soap

This can be any dish soap solution as it is mildly acidic or basic. If the dish soap solution is acidic or basic, the best strategy to get a neutral pH is diluting the soap solution in water. Then, you can place your diluted soap solution in a spray bottle for easy application.

2. Bleach or Ammonia

These chemicals are basic (ammonia) and acidic (bleach) for cleaning granite countertops, so they must be diluted with water before application. Take note, do not combine both substances in one container. It must be used separately when used as countertop cleaners.

3. Seventh Generation

This granite countertop cleaner is produced by Seventh Generation. Several customers like this because it has no odor, no coloring, no toxic contents, and affordable. It completely disinfects your black leathered granite from mildews, viruses, molds, and bacteria.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good home countertop cleaner for oil stain removal. You need to make a solution from baking soda and water, then place it inside a spray bottle. Spray a substantial amount on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping and rinsing with water.

5. Natural Essential Oils

This is another natural cleaning solution for your granite countertop surface. Some of the basic essential oils known for its antimicrobial properties include cinnamon, oregano, clove, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, and pine.

You need to mix the concentrated essential oil with water or any carrier oil and placed inside a spray bottle. Make sure to use soft microfiber for wiping and not steel wool.

6. Alcohol or Acetone

Alcohol or acetone are good cleaners for removing stains from inks and paints. You need to dilute these substances with lukewarm water and use microfiber for scrubbing the stained surface. Do not forget to use rubber gloves when cleaning your countertop.

How Often Should You Clean Your Black Granite Kitchen

You have a flexible schedule for cleaning your black granite countertops which depend on your availability. Here are some of your choices for the frequency of cleaning your black granite kitchen.


If your black forest granite kitchen has a polished surface, then cleaning once a month is feasible. Other examples include Black Galaxy and Nordic Black Granite Countertops. Polishing is necessary to maintain the glossy appearance of your countertop surface.


When you are frequently using your black leathered granite kitchen, it is best to perform weekly cleaning so those grime and dirt won’t be hard to remove over time.


If you want to escape the hassle of facing hard-to-remove stains and dirt on your best black granite countertops, then go for a 5-minute daily cleaning regimen. This is a feasible option because you are preventing piles of dirt and stains on your black granite countertops.

Sealing Black Granite Kitchen

Compared to other types of granite slabs, black granites are denser and less porous which makes it more challenging to efficiently seal off its remaining pores. Check out the simple steps below for its sealing process.

1. Thoroughly remove stains and debris on the surface

2. Apply a substantial amount of granite sealer on its surface and spread it evenly

3. Let the sealer sit and seep through for a couple of minutes (5-20 minutes)

4. Lastly, polish your countertop surface and remove the excess sealants

If you need professional assistance with cleaning and sealing your black granite countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us Granite Expo. We have a team of stone specialists to help you with any remodeling projects.

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