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Most Popular Black Granite Countertops

Most Popular Black Granite Countertops

Who says white is the only trending hue for modern and classic countertops? Black colored countertops are already catching demand in the market due to its dramatic depth and luxurious impact in your bathroom and kitchen.

If you are already interested in buying one right now, you can opt for black granite countertops. We are going to share with you some important details regarding the most popular black granite countertops. Stay tuned and read until the end of this article.

Why Choose Black Granite Countertops

It is never that cheap to invest in the best countertop material for your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Here are the best reasons why many homeowners have shifted to black granite countertops.

1. Exquisite Depth

Among all colors, what hue provides the best depth to your space? Definitely, black provides the most stunning depth to your classic and contemporary kitchen and bath. Likewise, it creates strong contrast with other pale or light-colored accessories and features in your space.

2. Low to Zero Sealing Maintenance

Unlike other types of granite stones, black granite slabs are mostly non-porous in nature. You have better cost-savings and less hassle when you install black granite for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

3. Easy to Clean

Dust and light stains will never be that visible for your black countertops. Moreover, wiping them off is pretty easy and straightforward. Unlike white countertops, where you have the trouble of specks of stains left on your countertop surface.

4. Impervious Durability

Granite stone is popularly known for its sustainable hardness which resists scratch, dents, and chips. This is a great feature for your kitchen countertop where there is a higher risk for scratch and cuts. Nonetheless, we still encourage our homeowners to use wooden boards when using knives for chopping ingredients or meat.

Different Types of Black Granite Countertops

Here are the most popular and in-demand luxurious black granite countertops for remodeling.

1. Absolute Black Granite

This one has a solid black background with zero veining and patterns. It is sleek and modern. It can match immediately white or pale hue cabinets and walls. When you want to have this type and a darker tone of cabinetry, make sure your wall and floor are light-colored ones to create a good contrast.

2. Black Pearl Granite

This type is a complete opposite with Absolute Black because there is an exciting mixture of colors with black as the dominant hue in the background. You would be captivated with the random specks of gray, blue, silver, and gold hues on the black background.

Still, this type blends well with light-colored cabinetry and walls. It provides a quick lift in the classic curb appeal of your kitchen and bath. Stainless steel surfaces can match up with this granite countertop.

3. Black Galaxy Granite

Do you like stargazing? Then, this type is your best choice because it features a parallel appearance with the galaxy. The solid black background is covered with fine grains and specks silver, gray, and gold. Its sleek curb appeal seems to stick in your eyes which serves as an excellent focal point in your area.

When planned carefully, it can look more luxurious with darker tone kitchen cabinets. Then your rustic brown or golden backsplash will add better elegance in your kitchen remodeling.

4. Dakato Mohagany

This granite countertop has an exotic look because its rich black background which is randomly covered with larger grains or specks of blue and silver. It can effortlessly match up with your light-colored kitchen cabinets and wooden accents or furniture.

5. Bianco Romano

In comparison with Black Pearl, this one has a more subtle appearance. Its rich solid black background is covered with finer grains of silver, gold, and brown tones. Its splattered effect appearance is best to pair with maple cabinets or wooden shaker style cabinets.

6. Agatha Black Granite

The richness of its black background is parallel with Absolute Black granite but with a subtle flow of silver or gray veinings. These veins create a relaxing wave pool like the scenery in your modern kitchen and bathroom countertops.

7. Nero Mist Granite

The main feature of this type is the misty or feathery specks of silver or gray hue uniformly covering its rich black surface. It provides a flair of both classic and modern era for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

This pairs well with wooden cabinetry, either light or dark wood grains. Moreover, chrome-plated surfaces can complement well with its misty appearance.

8. Black Forest Granite

It has a creative appearance since its obsidian-like black background is randomly covered with waves of snow-like patterns. It can seamlessly pair well with darker wood grains or white cabinetry inside your kitchen and bathroom.


There you have it, the different popular black granites in the market. They are marvelous and breath-taking to look at, and completely spruce up your kitchen and bathroom space. 

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