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What You Need To Know Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

What You Need To Know Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re a professional chef or just a home chef, it is a must that you try to make your kitchen as functional and as comfortable as possible. It isn’t just about the appliances, knives, and ingredients you use. It’s also about a lot of other things including the kitchen cabinets that can help make your kitchen be more organized.

A lot of people seem to think that kitchen cabinet are just standard kitchen amenities you don’t need to ponder on for too much. In reality, though, kitchen storage cabinets are actually one of the most important parts of the kitchen that you should consider investing in. It’s not enough for some people to stick with the kitchen cabinets that already come pre-built with the house.

If you want to invest in better kitchen cabinets, then it’s a must that you talk to contractors that can help get you custom kitchen cabinets. These people will create cabinets that are tailor-made for your home and yourself too. This is one of the best investments you can make for yourself as it helps you function more freely inside

Of course, as kitchen cabinets are a major investment on your end, it is a must that you carefully think about it too. It’s not always that you buy a kitchen cabinet for yourself. In fact, a fully customized kitchen cabinet might last your for several years too. Whether it’s your first, second, or third kitchen cabinet, make it a must to fully know everything there is to know about your next purchase.

To help you make a better informed investment, we’re listing down some of the things you need to know before you buy your first kitchen cabinet. Hopefully, we can make sure that your first purchase is going to be an amazing one as it helps you out for your kitchen adventures within the coming years.

Parts Of A Kitchen Cabinet

We’ll have to go with the very basics first which is the parts of a cabinet. Believe it or not, there are many parts of cabinet. You don’t need to have all parts installed for your kitchen though. We’ll also be discussing the things you need to look for when checking out these parts of a cabinet for your kitchen.

Drawers are the small compartments that make up parts of the kitchen cabinet. When looking at the cabinets, you need to check if they slide in and out of their compartments easily. It’s also important to check out what types of stuff they are capable if carrying.  Some custom cabinets even make room for drawers that fit oil bottles.

The major part of all kitchen cabinets are the box and doors. The best way to describe these are that they are the closets of the kitchen. It’s important to make sure that the hinges on the door are durable and well-oiled. This makes opening and closing the kitchen cabinet much easier and it also prevents wear and tear in the future.

Shelves are compartments that don’t have doors. This is where you mostly place the stuff that you commonly need. Shelves are better if they are large and area always within your reach. As these are spacious, shelves that are too large on the inside are not exactly advisable because they can make some stuff harder to reach if they get too far in the back.

There Are Three Types Of Cabinets

You don’t just buy a certain kitchen cabinet. There are actually a few types of kitchen cabinets that you need to know. Knowing what the differences are between these three will help you make a more informed decision when investing in your next kitchen cabinet. Here’s what those three types are.

  • Stock Cabinets – Stock cabinets are basically the ones you’ll find in a home upon purchase. These are mass produced and are made without your needs in consideration. That isn’t to say that they are made with poor quality. What it only means is that these cabinets aren’t exactly what you want if you are looking for something more comfortable and functional for your kitchen. The good news though is that these are free and come with the house.
  • Custom Cabinets – As the name suggests, custom cabinets are cabinets made specifically for you. Everything from the size, finish, color, and material used will be custom made to fit your choices. These are great if you want to add something unique to your home but above all else, custom cabinets are made for comfort. More and more people are choosing custom cabinets simply because it fits their every need so it’s something you may want to consider too.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets – It’s easy to explain what semi-custom cabinets are. Basically, these are cabinets that are a mix between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. In essence, they are stock cabinets that have extra features that are added based on what you want. These aren’t as expensive as  custom cabinets but they are definitely more expensive than your regular stock cabinet.

There are various pros and cons to each type of cabinets. Of course, with custom cabinets, you are paying for more but are definitely getting your money’s worth. While cheaper, stock cabinets aren’t exactly made for your. Semi-custom cabinets are a mix between both worlds which make them a viable choice to consider as well.

Price Of Cabinets

Your decision at which type of cabinets you’ll buy definitely depends on a lot of things but it will mostly be influenced by the budget that you have set aside for yourself. Depending on how much you want to spend, you’ll have better and better cabinets. Of course, the higher you spend, the more amazing your cabinet will be.

Stock cabinets are the cheapest options you have. You are looking at $100 to $300 per linear foot depending on what material of cabinet you buy. You also have to consider the installation fee as well which can be at around $500-$1000 depending on the size of the project, as well as it’s complexity.

Next up when it comes to pricing are semi-custom cabinets. These cost around $150 to $650 per linear foot. It’s ideal to go for semi-custom cabinets first, especially if your home already comes with stock cabinets installed. It will be much cheaper if the contractors are going to alter these pre-made cabinets.

The most expensive of course are custom cabinets. These can set you back around $500 to $1,200 per linear foot. The price of you custom cabinet will vary. It’s mostly affected by the size of the cabinet, the type of wood you want to use for the cabinet, as well as the complexity of the design. Of course, you also have to consider the installation costs.

Framed/Frameless Cabinets

Aside from the types of kitchen cabinets, you also need to consider two more important options. These are framed and frameless cabinets. Your choice also matters here as these two types of kitchen storage cabinets are also very important to consider as well. It’s all about pricing and durability again.

  • Framed Cabinets – these are cabinets that come with a box – your cabinet itself, the the face frame, which is the structure that’s connected to the front of the box. This frame adds reinforcement that is usually needed for the doors and drawers to be attached on. Framed cabinets are usually thinner and they can fit into tighter spaces. This makes them well-accommodating of small kitchen cabinets.
  • Frameless Cabinets – frameless cabinets will feature thicker cabinet boxes and this is where doors and drawers will be attached too. This also means that frameless cabinets are going to be larger than framed cabinets. However, these are easier to use as without the face frame, it will be much easier to access the full interior of the cabinet.

Choose Your Brand/Contractors Wisely

It’s very important that you choose your contractors or brands wisely. Of course, the more popular and well-known the brand or contractor is, the more expensive it is. This price doesn’t come without its benefits. There’s a reason why these brands and contractors are more expensive and that’s because they are well-known for the quality of their work.

When picking a contractor for a custom cabinet, you need to first ask how much they charge per square foot or per house. It’s important that you go with contractors that don’t only have builders, but those that also have engineers so they can assess the size of your kitchen well for custom cabinets that truly fit your needs.

Kitchen cabinets are a great investment whether you’re a home chef or a regular hobbyists inside the kitchen. These cabinets helps you become more organized inside the kitchen and they also make your home look more beautiful as well. With these things in mind, you’ll be able to find the best kitchen that suits your needs.

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